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Ecology, sostenibilidad, difference and solidarity, with these four words we could define Beedreamer.

A Barcelona brand that comes from the hand of a couple, Abel and Gina, husband and wife, parents of two children. Between the two share the tasks; she creates patterns, choose fabrics and colors and controls every detail from production until you receive the package at home. He is the creative part of the prints, who is in charge of communication and who controls the whole process meets its principles seeking their garments. T-Shirts Beedreamer, with a modern design and minimal, They are further characterized as being an ecological product, by be made with cotton 100% organic, being a product LCAL.

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beedreamer niños

Among his designs baby bodysuits and t-shirts are women and men. One of our characteristics is that, for which you like, as the garment can be outfitted woman / man and baby. They make everything in small workshops Barcelona, thus they promote fair production, and put face to all those involved in the process. Something very difficult today.

In an effort to escape the mass production of big brands, of each garment having only make 50 unidades. All they numbered in recycled cardboard labels of each garment hanging. Además, something very important is that the 25% of the profits go to foundations and NGOs.

These are the 4 pillars on which is based, according to its Web, Beedreamer

  • People to which we put voice and face, because following the rules of fair trade and proximity, All garments are made in small workshops Barcelona.
  • Health for both people and the planet. Made with organic cotton 100% certificate. Free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
  • Solidarity, each garment is intended the 25% benefits to local humanitarian projects.
  • Collaboration and creativity, Each screenprint is designed for anyone who wants to collaborate and send us your proposal. On the label of each garment whose name appears designed it.