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A perfect mix between modernity and classicism, at a good price and quality. I present you the Claps glasses!

Según explican, las glasses Claps! son unisex,  modern, elegant and with a classic touch so that anyone can enjoy them not only as quality polarized sunglasses, but also as a complement to moda. They provide 100% UV protection using the best polarized lenses. The variety of models and color combinations of both the frame and crystals makes them ideal for anyone and at any time of year..

Gafas Claps (1) Gafas Claps (2) Gafas Claps (3)

Count on 3 different models.

  • Regular model: Ideal glasses for the most for the most classic, keeping the essence of your design, but that has managed to adapt with a modern touch.
  • Modelo Mountain:  They offer a more robust appearance, attractive and shocking, without sacrificing the lightness and resistance of the material used in its manufacture. (injected plastic)
  • Modelo Wordly-line: It is the most elegant collection, and get a design with a more sophisticated touch. They stand out for their quality of finish. Light and resistant.

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I would like to highlight a detail, I found it very interesting to know and try the brand and it is its “flex technology adaptable to all types of faces” to make it more comfortable.

Bolsas Benched.  Apart from glasses, The brand also has as accessories some bags of resistant and highly durable nylon fabrics, very soft to the touch and with doubles
reinforced seams, they are also provided with a pair of thick nylon strings, strong and comfortable and inside pocket.

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