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Today I want to introduce a platform dedicated to brands and young designers and independent: Grafitee

His name is Grafitee and has the most bangin shirts. This new store now has more than one hundred selected brands around the world. Cool t-shirts, with original designs, edited in limited quantities, concepts that are out, handmade silkscreens… Están representados todos los estilos o casi . From simple t funny more sophisticated pieces, with a strong character Because unisex shirt is for all!

Where does this project? Grafitée arises in the 2008 as a specialized magazine shirts,where he found, He valued and disseminated the most original shirts of the world .... and there it has grown to be able to establish this multi-site online. Las diferentes marcas que la componen se han seleccionado en más de 20 países : United States, Francia , Germany , US but also Belgium, Austria,Polonia o Israel – which shows the wide variety of designs and concepts. Some brands are already known but others are beginning, its attachment, according Grafitee "passion, audacity and authenticity”.

Cuando me dijeron que hablara de ellos en el blog y me ofrecieron que escogiera algunas de entre sus camisetas¡ Casi me vuelvo loco! There are thousands of models each more fun or personality. Here I show that I have chosen sweatshirts.

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En primer lugar, Esta de “Ralph Lauren” que había visto desde hace tiempo y me encanta. This play on words and graphics seem very funny to me. It is designed for Dayze and brings a smile wherever it goes.

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Siguiendo un poco la esencia Simpson – tendría yo el día de la elección un poco más amarillo de lo normal – me gustó también esta camiseta “con mensaje” que indica a todo el mundo que no nos preocupemos pero con un divertido juego de palabras “Do nut worry”» – Do not worry – No te preocupes”.

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Me encanta Lichtenstein, las camisetas con un poquito de guasa y tengo la piel grasa ¿Había acaso otra camiseta más apropiada? I do not think so! The poor protagonist indicates silkscreen, in English, “His oily skin so I was afraid of being the next to be invaded by the United States