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A brand distributed urban style from India and a scoundrel touch everyone.

Today I would like to introduce the brand of shirts Kultprit. It is a brand specializing in urban shirts – for boy and for girl – que, although it is in India with a team of international designers (United Kingdom , Singapore , Brazil , Ukraine…) who contribute their vision of moda urban and create very versatile and varied collections, so you can surely find a t-shirt that you like. They define themselves “KULTPRIT (\ Culpable /) is a lifestyle and fashion brand designed to be a means of expression for those who dare to defy convention and rise up for a cause”.

Kultprit tshirt (2) Kultprit tshirt (3)

The idea is about the Kultprit urban style with artistic touches in a comfortable way, simple and discounts; It eliminating borders and seeking a global style covered in the streetstyle and therefore is distributed globally through its website. You can follow in Facebook o Instagram.

In its international expansion plan, Kultprit have wanted me to make it available in Spain and I chose these four models as you see, They are very different from each other, but satisfy the same feeling: urban style and desire to have fun. ¡I hope you like them!

Kultprit tshirt (1) Kultprit tshirt (4)