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40 years of experience in the world of watchmaking but timeless freshness: Mulco Watches surprises from quality without forgetting the design.

The world of watchmaking is complex, not only by gears that are part of each watch; but because of the variety of models that are in the market. For that reason it apart from the competition becomes essential if we are blunting. Mulco Watches has it clear since its inception and for that reason, Apart from providing quality materials and movements, It offers a range of design leaves no one indifferent. Puts color to a “shelf” full of clockwork grid.

Founded in 1958 by Mr. Muller (Muller & Co.), Mulco Watches is a brand of luxury watches from Switzerland. In the decade of the 70 It was bought by one of its competitors; y, after three decades in the shadow, a group of American emprenderos, con más de 40 years of experience in the world of watchmaking, they decided the firm bet on seeing their great potential for creativity and to relaunch they acquired while maintaining its values ​​of quality and sophistication.

Mulco Watches

The original designs are Mulco result of the union of a team of specialist design and moda, with the best experts in Swiss watchmaking. The watches are characterized by their unique design following different themes: Diver, Evol, Frost… what makes them unique pieces.

All watches are made with the best and most innovative materials in watchmaking: stainless steel, aluminum,silicone… and precise Swiss technology in its mechanisms. The watches have a stainless steel case and a “non-painted” dial.” – that is, composed of small pieces – formed of different materials that give great personality to the whole design.

Mulco Watches 3 Mulco Watches 2

Mulco Watches on own wrist….

I am lucky to have the Ilusion Cube model 47MM thanks to Mulco ¡And the truth is that I love it! I chose between their variety because I think perfectly combines a lot of values ​​that at first glance seem to collide but live in harmony. ¡a bit like this blog! It is bold without being eccentric, It is robust without being a mazacote,  It has elegant touch but still urban, and it has a color that I find fascinating, a “golden” very special that is valid for both boy and girl.

I was surprised finishing materials strap and case, taking full advantage of silicon and metal. I also like it because although you see it big, it's not heavy and it's quite comfortable to wear. From the brand itself they define it like this: "The collection of watches Mulco Ilusion is mainly characterized by Baroque and captivating style".

Mulco Watches gafas amarillas

And finally, with computer graphics created by the brand, you can see some more details of these Mulco Watches who promise to continue “giving the positive note” in an increasingly competitive – and often bland – world of watchmaking.

Mulco Watches