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Muppiest Spanish firm launches its first collection with the pole gentleman stamped hallmark.

You know that I love and support young companies that are committed to a new way of seeing moda (and industry). Today I talk about Muppiest, a firm created in Elche that has just launched its first collection with a serie of avant-garde and original designs applied to men's polo shirts.

This first collection, which it was filed last April, has six models printed polo: Starmy, green with white stars; Wormhole, topos black with white color; Triangleheap, navy blue with orange triangles; Roboted, mustard with small prints robots in black; Crossedarrow, with white background and black arrows and Hummingberg, burgundy with signature logo, Hummingbird corporate blank. PVP: 35€.  Por otro lado, the core of this collection are Blue&Red, classic navy blue with red accents and White&Green, White smooth green edgings. (PVP: 30€).  ¡But the friends of Muppiest have already confirmed that an expansion of designs will be made in the coming months.! Muppiest, sells its designs in their online store:  www.muppiest.com

Muppiest (2)

The founders of the firm – Four young friends Elche –  say their designs are aimed at all people who look at life with optimism, lovers young and at the same time highlights that gives us everyday. "We are really enjoying this project, because for us fashion it is a mere accessory to what we really believe essential, an outfit that accompanies us in the good times as a philosophy of life we ​​seek”, say the founders of Muppiest. “The goal is that our customers come and stay for joining us on this adventure by positivism motto of his days”, added.

Muppiest (1)

I think it's a great way to "update” a garment like the polo shirt, that often we do not get that reminds us of something caduco.  Although my pole as such I love,I think the proposal to renew Muppiest thanks to a more tailored forms pelín, comfortable materials, colors and patterns is great. ¡And of course they also have a couple of basic models, to meet demand for the upgrade of the pole but less striking.

¡I already have mine at home! I chose, por supuesto, the model roboted, that in addition to being yellow – emblematic color of this website where there are, also it has a print that I love. Here you can see the photo I uploaded to my profile Instagram ¡in which I hope you will follow me, por supuesto!