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You know that this blog'm a big fan of wood And often the Luzco! I do not get to armor, pero casi, You've seen glasses, covers mobile ... and even wooden clocks!

today ors present signature wooden clocks Cohnquer with which I have just done a collaboration and I can enjoy one of their wooden clocks at home (and throughout the summer you can see in the Style section Journal.

But I wanted to introduce a little better the firm and for that reason made this Fashion Uncover - where we discover fun brands, originales, novel, inspiring or helpful. Cohnquer the meaning of the brand is the union between wood (C, O, H and N are the initials of the major components of wood: Carbon, Oxygen, Hydrogen and nitrogen) and conquer (English conquistador).

wooden clock cohnquer (2)

Cohnquer began his career with 4 Limited models Men, woman and unisex different colors because of the type of wood on which they are made (avoiding paint added) As details about their wooden clocks, I told you already have one at home, highlight its incredible lightness. When we think we can believe that wood will weigh or be uncomfortable, and not at all. Además, to be precisely made of wood makes them an article to recyclable and biodegradable 80%.

wooden clock cohnquer (3)

This brand comes from a fascinating part of Andalusia - and very close to my birthplace, Granada - since the brand is founded by 3 creative almerienses. As defined by the Alberto and Jose Paez brothers and Alejandro Fernández, this trade mark "born from the illusion of recovering the bond of nature to human beings by promoting a lifestyle based on positive thinking”.

wooden clock cohnquer (4)

With COHNQUER show that nor there is only a technological breakthrough that allows us so cool products like these wooden clocks – handmade wood 100% natural – but also social progress occurs in which we progress every day in our awareness and sensitivity to the environment and respect for the environment. For this reason the brand contributes through its social responsibility to the reforestation of forests nationwide channeling funds to the association Arboliza with each of its sales.