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Nordic minimalism and quality as the hallmark of Klokut watches

The world of jewelry and watches never stops growing, always expanding on novelties capable of making us fall in love again with products that have always accompanied us. That sometimes happens with watches, that when we think we are tired of them – and more nowadays in which we always look at the time on the mobile – we find new brands that catch our attention and surprise us with interesting proposals. Today I want to discover the brand Klokut, born in scandinavia where there are days in total darkness and others where the sun never sets.

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Precisely in one of these days without night, one of the founders of Klokut was invaded by the extra dose of energy provided by sunlight and wondered why not live every day as if the sun never set, taking advantage of every minute, squeezing every second. Pero ¿What does Klokut mean?? as explained from the firm, this name results from the union between ‘klokke’ (word 'clock'’ in Sweden and Norway) with the term Ut, which was the first musical note of the diatonic scale of C major and the only one that does not have accidentals (considered the basis of the tonal system).

“a clock that does not mark the hours that pass, mark all the minutes of life that you can and should take advantage of”

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With a markedly minimal character, they become unisex pieces that boys and girls can perfectly like.. With adjustable strap to fit everyone's wrist and finished in silver, gold or black with metal straps, body or cloth; these clocks propose a minimalist alternative to looking at the time, to remind us that the important thing is the time we are enjoying. Watch prices range from 50 at 80€. Además, for being a reader of this blog, if you enter the BLOG code during your purchase you can benefit from free shipping.

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