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A young designer with strong character able to mix concepts and surprise

Scar on his eyebrow, With this name begins the long-distance race in the world of moda, Ubetense young designer, José Luis Gómez. Is in her third year in public school art Granada -EAG-. Independent studies Jose Luis gives us his view of fashion, el arte, photography that you can find in your Facebook page.

Betting on a minimalist aesthetic, very feminine silhouettes, giving the woman character and sensuality. José Luis drink of inspiration as architecture, el arte, contrary as order and chaos, death, purity, simplicity… His interests, include his passion for illustration and sculpture.

Cicatriz en la ceja (6)

Attracted by the world of creation, José Luis finds happiness running a creative work, in which from the first sketch, the first cut on the web, the makeup, hairdressing, fotografía… It is designed and made by him as in this photo shoot in Granada.

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Cicatriz en la ceja (10)

Cicatriz en la ceja (1)

Cicatriz en la ceja (2)

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Cicatriz en la ceja (5)

– Garnet neoprene dress, white dress with digital printing designed and printed in lycra, Adidas sweatpants customized, Machine embroidered short top and pants with flaps using magic pattern –

Regarding the future of scar on the eyebrow, the designer claims that “just born into this world of fashion, He is still in its infancy, life is a continuous learning and Jose Luis does not lack the desire to learn, and grow as a person and designer formarsee”.