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The Siroko brand arrives to remind us that the wind can play in our favor ¡and with a lot of style!

Siroco is how it is defined when «southeast wind«, That is why these entrepreneurs in northern Spain have decided to give a present point and turn that sound word – only adding a K – in a mark with a marked free and current character: Widely

«We haveembarked on the adventure of imagining accessories and timeless designer clothes to help you look better, feel more secure with yourself and give your look that different touch«, confess from the signature and comply with said statement by providing a serie sunglasses and t-shirts (which may or may not be combined).

Here we can see the Siroko Green model

Here we can see the Siroko Green model

Se trata de glasses with classic but flattering shapes that you can find in 10 variedades playing with colors between their frames and lenses. They are made of high quality polycarbonate and have a soft touch finish for greater comfort and have polarized lenses with high protection and durability (meeting all EU quality standards with one of the highest UV protection indexes in its sector, that we do not have to forget that the glasses are important for our visual health).

Siroko green camiseta (1) Siroko green camiseta (2)

To this is added its collection of t-shirts that arrives as a counterpoint to achieve a «total look» based on his way of seeing life. According to Siroko «born as a result of the desire to bring a new touch to your style, including irregular stitching and embroidery«. We can find a model for each model of glasses, to join them or combine them as you like.

I'm sure soon you can see me wearing some of the Siroko products and ¿how could it be otherwise? paying homage to «sunset» that I like so much.