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Welcome to the Fashionteca Lord of the Yellow Glasses! A place to discover books (and about) fashion in all its variables: inspiration, characters, history, formación, Photography…

This section of the blog of The Lord of the Gafas Yellow makes me particularly illusion, I intend to spread her many books on moda we can find and how important their presence to continue spreading the love and culture for business and social territory that I love. These are the books that are part of my Fashionteca! Which ones are yours? (Please write to recommend me new discoveries).

Libro: Locos, rich and Asian (Kevin Kwan) 👘

If "the rich also cry", This novel tells how, if they are also mad and they are Asians, It can be carried around the end. "Hilarious, addictive and full of opulence, This novel is a candid look and pretty crazy to the world of Asian superrich ". Defines the publishing the book that make me get: "Locos, rich and Asian "Kevin Kwan. Recently published in Spain by Suma (You can buy it here. 19,90€), esta…

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Book Tailoring

Libro: Illustrated Glossary tailoring (Salvador Godoy) 👔

A training manual, formative, entertaining (and illustrated) about the wonderful (complex) world of tailoring. Today I present a book to discover and to value the world of tailoring, one of the most complex part of the world of fashion. But surely now you know, it is worth remembering that tailoring is «the art of designer, cut and make a suit «. The disaster…

In your closet

Libro: In your closet. All you need to know about fashion.(Catalina Gonzalez Vilar) 📙

Inside your closet is an informative manual that introduces the youngest in the world of fashion. He explains interesting facts and even help them to discover their style and personality! Mostly aimed at preteens and young, the book "Inside your closet. Everything you need to know about the world of fashion »becomes a good introductory manual to a tremendously interesting world…

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Libro: Yves Saint Laurent Accessories (Patrick Mauriès) 👒

A new book celebrates the passion of Yves Saint Laurent by accessories and how they formed the look and power of a woman. Fifteen years have passed since the last parade of Yves Saint Laurent at the Center Pompidou, but the legacy of masterful designer still alive through its immense archive. this October, Phaidon ha publicado Yves Saint Laurent Accessories, an exclusive tribute and a retrospective of…

Book fashion Where is Karl?

Libro: Where is Karl? (Stacey Caldwell, Hire A. Who, Michelle Baron) 😎

Imagine Karl Lagerfeld is lost in the cities most fashionable Finding it becomes a challenge to Where is Karl? The style of "Where's Waldo?”, Youth Publishing House has published Where is Karl? que,based on the same basis - search for a particular character from a visual tangle -, proposes an imaginary of the fashion world taken to the extreme and with great sympathy. Synopsis:…


Libro: Karl Secrets (Tiffany Cooper) 🐱

In the book The Secrets of Karl discovered a hidden side, and very funny, the most iconic designer XXI century drawings by Tiffany Cooper. A biography is always interesting, if we add to that that it is about one of the most enigmatic men in the world of fashion and also that it is told with some funny drawings! This book is the most of the most! I speak of…

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