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Here i believe, I collect and adapt a series of iconic images so that fashionistas can have their own fashionable backgrounds for video calls to liven up their professional or friends meetings.

We can't fool ourselves, video calls are here to stay. This new normal includes connecting with our co-workers, family and friends through video calling services like Zoom or Google Meet. These tools allow you to change the background of video calls to personalize the experience and be «and what are you» (or that you hide what you don't want to see)… Landscapes, idyllic rooms, etc.. ¿And the fashionistas what? Thinking of us I have created or selected and adapted these iconic images to turn them into backgrounds moda for video calls.

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Star in your own VOGUE cover

¿Have you ever dreamed of starring in your own Vogue cover?. ¡In your next video call you can get it! I have recreated a Vogue cover – adapted to the moment we live – so that in your next connection you can star in it in style. Además, I have designed it in several colors so that you can choose the one that best matches you with it pajamas styling what are you wearing.

Be the campaign image

¿You want to star in one of the successful campaigns of some of the most famous brands? With these fashionable backgrounds for video calls you will have it easier than ever since I have selected the most emblematic – in shape and substance – of each brand and I have turned it into a simple but effective background. It's almost like starring in one of your ads in fashion magazines.

¿we go shopping?

When picking up you have to say the keywords: «¡Forgives, you catch me from stores!» I leave you here three brand showcases that we love so that even if you are in the middle of a video call you can feel that you are walking through the most fashionable streets in the world.

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Sneak into a parade

Among the fashionable backgrounds for video calls could not miss the scenography of some parades. We connect from the most prestigious events in the world modil. For the most elegant video calls we can resort to the Grand Palais in a Chanel fashion show, for the modern ones we are left with this spectacular Balenciaga setting and if you want to wear angel wings from Victoria´s Secret ¡This is your moment!

Attend the MET gala

¡You can not lose this! Even if it's only one day a year, you can recreate being inside whenever you want. Anna would be delighted with this idea of ​​having the MET's decorated stairs in the background for her annual gala, that each year takes a different theme. ¿How? ¿that they have not let you in? No pasa nada, ¡connect from the street and ride a good chicken to the organization that has left you out!

Aquí, with the girlfriends

In these fashionable backgrounds for video calls they could not be missing, ¡the greats of the fashion world! ¡the supermodels! If you don't mind the fact that they stick their ear to your calls, the most famous models in history can accompany you to your virtual encounters. Naomi, Linda, Claudia… They can accompany you from a parade of the 90, photographed by Peter Lindbergh or even turned into muses.

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Who, Series and Fashion

A great and iconic combination. Connect fashion with cine or the series to make video calls from the places that your favorite protagonists frequented… Like for example Carrie Bradshaw's closet (the original, the one of the serie), Andrea's office in El Diablo Viste de Prada (While Emily supervises you) or live your own Think Pink moment emulating Audrey Hepburn with this scenario taken from the very Funny Face.

¿We're going to the museum?

Under normal circumstances you should keep quiet, ¡but this time what we want is let the most iconic fashion museums listen to all your words! Connects from inside the rooms of the Madrid Costume Museum, the Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Paris or the Balenciaga Museum in Getaria and if you run out of conversation you can always explain the wonderful costumes that you will have behind.

Logomania to power

Among the fashionable backgrounds for video calls could not miss the butt logomania. Turn the background of your video call into a statement using the logos and prints of your favorite brand. Here are some of the most famous brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Loewe, Chanel or Dior.

Emblematic places

Hay places that are intrinsically linked to the world of fashion. You can also connect from them to demonstrate the expertise you have in the sector, whether it is linked to an artistic element such as Prada Marfa or to a historical one such as the stairs of Coco Chanel's studio in Paris..

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