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I will always remember what a walk in Berlin smells like, Paris, Lóndres o NY…. Always? Now with a perfume you can remember the essence of some cities.

Those wonderful memories of travel - which can be a joy or a heaviness depending on the person and the trip - now they are complemented with new options to remember what was lived. Souvenirs weren't enough, the pictures, The videos, food, the pictures, the anecdotes, the jokes learned, the peculiarities, updates from facebook or live comments via twitter, Did I already say the photos? What about mobile photos?  Ahora, You can also bring you a souvenir, and make all your friends participate in the characteristic smells of the visited city.

Scent of Departure (translated something like departure / departure essence) It is a new perfume that can be purchased at some airports around the world, in stores duty free, with the purpose of capture and remember the characteristic fragrance of the city.

For now the chosen cities have been Munich, Vienna, Istanbul, Budapest y Frankfurt, but it seems to me that this idea will quickly be exported to half the world, given the passion that many people feel with smells, that we should remember is about one of the senses with more memory and more evocative of the body.

According to the own company to explain how the fragrance is transferred, he gives as an example the perfume from Vienna that is “reminiscent of a walk on the peaceful Danube – charming benches, fresh mint aromas, cut grass and water flowers – for an outdoor breakfast in the garden of the Belvedere Palace. Enjoy the baroque atmosphere of the garden and the aroma of Wien cakes, delicious with its vanilla notes, regaliz, chocolate and coffee”. Sounds great, la verdad. Inspiring, As minimum!

These colonies, created by the French Gerald Ghislain and Magalie Senequier, have been designed in 50 ml  and priced at 29 euros, which endows them with an appetizing and affordable price very much at the level of the souvenir they claim to be. With a modern and attractive appearance in which you can read the three identifying letters of each airport, the plan is for them to go on sale later this year.

Via : Springwise / More information and photos of: The Scent of Departure