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Like a sign of the importance of taking into account the small acts we do every day and how they affect the environment, I decided to offset the footprint ecological generated by the blog from birth.

The climate emergency is now and we must all be involved in trying to reduce our footprint on the environment. I've always been very interested in the conservation and restoration of the environment and for that reason I have always given voice to sustainable and ecological alternatives in fashion, but I decided to go a little step further and decided to offset the CO2 from the blog.

I want to make a symbolic action to make us aware that everything we do leaves a small footprint on our environment, Even reading a blog! I have therefore decided to offset the carbon footprint generated by the blog from birth. Both part of the same building as those who have read. Calculations are approximate and do not reflect the overall calculation since it is impossible to measure it went really, but I wanted to make a few accounts to focalizarme how important and offset the CO2 from the blog. Sí, I explain how.

CO2 offset of the blog

I listed things that usually need to write this blog and have calculated their energy consumption along these almost 10 años,and the account has been so:

What do I need to create the blog?

I calculated that I spend an average of 5 hours a day in make and publish the content Gafas Yellow as a whole (you've probably been busy days longer hours and others that some less, but it is an approximate average and logic).

The blog, from birth until the day 31 de diciembre de 2019, It has been a total of 3.389 active days. Based on these data I calculated what I spent:

  • Light bulb: A spent bulb 0,06 kWh time x 5 hours average = 0,3 kWh. 0,3 kWh a day x 3.389 active days = 1.016,7 kwh and TOTAL .
  • Laptop: according to Hardozone, a computer like the model I have on 5 spend hours 1,176 kWh a day. 1,176 kWh a day x 3.389 active days = 3.985,4 kWh and TOTAL.
  • Server: according to Hardzone, a 24hr spent on server 0.672 kWh. 0.672 kWh x 3.389 active days = 2.277,4 kWh TOTAL.

What about readers?

But I wanted to go a step further, not only make a nod to the creation of the same, but readers of the blog have also spent energy to read the blog. So I've thrown into the pool and I made, as I say all the time, a symbolic but logical metrics to get as close as possible to reality:

In all this time I had a total of 500.000 visitors and an average length of visit 00:00:50 seconds. Por lo tanto, by averaging, the time someone has spent in the blog are 25.000.000 seconds = 6950 hours = 290 días.

If we think that they have read from a computer, the bill would 1,176 kWh a day x 290 días = 341 kWh and TOTAL. As I say, It is a symbolic measure because I know that some of those visitors have been to the blog via mobile.


Making the overall computations and totaling the bulb (1.016,7 kwh), computer (3.985,4 kWh), server:( 2.277,4 kWh) and visitors (341 kWh) I get a total of 7620,5 kWh. This is the total data to offset the CO2 from the blog.

that data, made tons of CO2 thanks to the calculator carbon footprint CeroCO2 the total 2,820 tons of CO.

How much and how will offset the CO2 from the blog?

On the same page of CeroCO2 can compensate for the aggregate of these you tons in various ecological projects they offer you.
He has been awarded the best project to reduce emissions in the Climate Reality Awards 2018. I want to make clear meridian This is not a collaboration with this organization, ni mucho menos, It is its own independent project and use it as their services have found it very useful.

In addition I found very interesting another app called Reforestum que It proposes to compensate the ecological footprint by planting trees, in this case in a forest in the Picos de Europa who have created and named "Genesis".

CO2 offset of the blog

Since I have not been able to choose one, I inform you that I have decided to double the compensation and choose the two-way. In CeroC02 I have chosen to provide the "Conservation of the Amazon in Madre de Dios" in Peru and Reforestum, with my donation, They planted a 15 square meters of trees.

I hope this little symbolic action to offset the CO2 of the blog you like and make you think for ser a little more aware that ecology is a global and cross-cutting issue, that it affects all, everyone and at all times.

For me, como siempre, thank you to continue here with me. I hope next year, when compensation be rerun, Let's be many more!

Un abrazo.