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Looking back is good sometimes ... uh! That is why I wanted to do this review of the most read articles or news of the year in GYellow aphas.

lo más leido en 2013

There is no doubt that this 2013 has given a lot, risas, crying, surprises and more of the same... everything has had a place in the world of moda and Lifestyle and in this very blog. During this year more than 65.000 unique visitors ... as curious facts to do reference to the surprising international expansion (Since translating the blog into several languages, I have had tons of visits from Japan, Mexico and United States), las cool and fun collaborations that I have realized that I have been dressed from head to toe and allowed meet a lot of people, and the reflections and pot rounds that I am happy to share with you every day. Thanks to the wonderful Google Analytics, here I leave a ton of the most viewed articles and news have had this year 2013.

10. Los talibanes de la barba

By the hair and never better said! This article has entered a review of the most interesting bearded models among the most viewed articles.

9. Send me to Merche!

Although in the end I did not win, I keep how much you liked my video and for all the support received; that is why this "prayer" has remained among the top ten.

8. You're not a fashion plate! Graphic campaign against anorexia

This campaign against anorexia managed to surprise everyone and that is why it has been among the most read of 2013 on the blog.

7.The Curious Case of real women

Reflection and opinion also had an impact on 2013 and in this post we find my argument about the concept "Real Woman"

6.Man collection spring / verano 2014 de Jimmy Choo

Men are already getting their feet ready for next summer with Jimmy Choo

5. Barbarella launches its solidarity scarves

Solidarity also had a little hole in 2013, and Barbarella with their handkerchiefs to support Breast Cancer are in fifth position.

4. Thiomucase Hombre, el tratamiento masculino contra la grasa acumulada

Men want to be more and more handsome, and that's why they didn't stop seeing the article about this body definer.

3. Great body of the week: Henry Cavill

The meat also sells in El Blog de El Señor de las Gafas Amarillas and the great body that the new superman wore have placed third in the ranking of the most viewed post.

2. Estilo Diario: Price war

My foray this year as an egoblogger that is losing its grip has been very well received. And this super low cost item comes to second place

1. The mathematically perfect woman.

Very interesting this article that stated that they had found the woman with the most symmetrical features in the world.


Notice: These data have been counted since 1 April 2013, when I launch my own website, and started counting the statistics. The day is not included 31 from December, but I don't think the classification varies a lot.