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Sunglasses are the essential accessory, especially when summer arrives and we have more hours of sunshine.. But they not only serve to protect the eyes, They also give an extra «Moloney».

¿Would you like to wear an accessory to protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays?? Las glasses of sun are the complemento perfect. worn by women, men or boys in any season of the year, but more in summer, when going on vacation to the beach or shopping.

There are many types and models of glasses on the market., but before buying the one that best suits your tastes, You must bear in mind that if you do not know how to choose the appropriate, can be harmful to your eyes. Notably, the glasses offer comfort when walking down the street in full sun, That is why we recommend you to opt for those that have on their label the 100% guarantee to protect you against those ultraviolet rays.

Gafas de sol

Benefits of wearing sunglasses

this accessory avoid exposing your eyes to sunlight radiation, that can cause problems in the cornea (and skin diseases) if most of your routine is done outdoors and when the sunlight is very intense. Wearing sunglasses blocks these ultraviolet rays., creating a protective bar that avoids exposing your skin and, además, reduce wrinkles.

Además, makes you look more comfortable when you go for a walk, when you go to the beach or when practicing a deportation. You can combine them with your favorite clothes or with other beauty accessories. Por otro lado, they are also ideal so that your eyes are not exposed to external agents such as humidity, the air or the garbage. Helps reduce eyestrain, as well as the unpleasant glare.

Latest types of glasses

Because in the city of Spain, during the summer time, there is a temperature that can reach up to 45°C, and as this season is the longest throughout the year, people like to travel and enjoy with their family, always carrying the necessary accessories to protect yourself from the sun.

man in white and gray shirt wearing sunglasses against yellow wall

The latest thing about opting for glasses, is that they adapt to your type of face or that they completely cover the contour of your eyes. Everything will depend on those that are anti-reflective or photochromic. Por su parte, may vary according to color. The brown ones are ideal for people who suffer from myopia or who do sports outdoors..

The gray ones are recommended because they do not change colors externally and reduce visual fatigue. They are used by those who drive. Regarding polarized glasses, athletes look for them a lot because they avoid glare, when they practice their water sports.

Por su parte, anti-reflective ones protect you from UV rays and blue-violet light can damage the retina of your eyes. These eliminate the reflections of the light that makes us not see well. They are aesthetic and you can wear it very well, because your eyes are better appreciated. Glasses with photochromic lenses, they darken when exposed to sunlight and are perfect for use indoors and outdoors.

Best selling sunglasses in Spain

Choose from the many brands that sell a great Selection of Sunglasses, It can be a task of many hours. Many that offer their users a lot of variety in design and frames. Sin embargo, if you are in Spain, check some sales portals that offer this type of accessory, not forgetting to go to specialist optics stores, since there are many that offer brands that are not original.

Actualmente, the ones that are most in trend are those of the brand Hawkers One Unisex, with a frame in various colors such as black and blue. this is polarized, It is flexible and resistant to high temperatures.. measure from the front 14 cm, High 5 cm and its rod 14 cm.

The Ray Ban brand, offers its Rb2140 model for men and women. It absorbs the 85% of the light. It comes in black color and they are not inclined. This brand is well known and has become popular thanks to the fact that many artists and musicians use it..

Por otro lado, the Prada brand is the most famous on the market, offers an ideal design for men with its Rossa 0PS 54IS 5AV5Y1 line and for women with the 0PR 07US 726088 64. What's more, with the Cressi brand opts for the Sunglasses model. The glasses have UV protection 100% and they are of category 3.