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I was surprised by these "Gafas - Piercing "hooked up to the eyebrows. I would not know whether to call them as geek fashion or just as a new trick.

I have been surprised and liked this idea of ​​'Glasses Piercing ». I've found on the web Blikers (en este artículo). Basically are treated glasses that subject to the face only by a pending between the eyebrows. Once the piercing is positioned with brackets, lens is applied by a magnet. (You can see better how it is done in the video below)

As told in blickers, this idea He born in 2004 hand James and Oliver Gilson Sooy under the phrase "sometimes it gives us more afraid eye surgery a piercing«. You can see the official website of this project

A mi me resulta an ingenious invention, something that requires complex drilling of the nose but interesting. In a rush to be complicated hook! Although I also see him as useful in some cases requiring work to be looking down. And certainly, una authentic modernity and cockiness if you want to amaze at the office.

I have been reminded Givenchy – that you know that is always among the most the most innovative- for guys who brought a selection of earrings for that area. They even be for sale online at the modest price of about 150 €. I must admit that I loved at the time. If even moda dare with that area, Why not? And now I find this new application to the piercing in this area.Givenchy piercing entrecejo

Do not ceases to amaze the world of "body modification" and how these devices are created.

and you What do you think these glasses-Piercing ? ¿Frikadas or innovative idea?