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Caballero Group supports, for the second year, to Action Against Hunger on a night where solidarity joins gastronomy and fashion

Dario Barrio_Salmón al JEREZ SECO LUSTAU FINO JARANA brulé_2

16 great names of Spanish gastronomy, that gather 12 Michelin stars, Yesterday they changed their usual kitchens for renowned boutiques in Madrid's Barrio de Salamanca, dentro de la 2nd Edition of Soul Food Nights (www.soulfoodnights.com) in order to collect funds for Action Against Hunger. Specifically, these funds will go to projects of income-generating activities with women, such as those carried out in the M'Bera refugee camp, in Mauritania.

Ramon Freixá_mesa Caballero & Hugo Boss

Gala Gonzalez y Lucas Arraut_Soul Food Nights GRUPO CABALLEROUna vez más, and after their collaboration in the first edition of February 2013, Knight Group (www.caballero.es) reaffirms its commitment to the NGO by collaborating selflessly with its wines and spirits to pair with the dinners prepared by the chefs Ramón Freixa, Darius Barrio, David Muñoz, John Pozuelo, Mario Sandoval, Pepa Muñoz, Andrea Tumbarello, Oscar Velasco, John Paul Philip, Luis Arevalo, Iván Muñoz, Fernando Del Cerro, Ricardo Sanz, Joaquin Felipe and Sushita, led by Paco Roncero.


The more than 230 diners, Distributed in 16 shops of moda from Madrid, were able to enjoy an exclusive menu prepared by 16 national chefs, all of them paired with wines from the group. Además, Caballero offered during the party held in the Serrano Garden as the culmination of this solidarity event, which brought together more than 300 gin people&tonics made with their floral BLOOM gin by mixologist Adrian Sehob from the restaurant Punk Bach and Ramon Macadamia Vine; "The Diplomat” made with PONCHE CABALLERO and created ad hoc by Carlos Moreno, Charly's cocktail bar. Also the mixologist Mariano Ferrante exclusively elaborated a suggestive cocktail called “Clandestine Colada” and an exotic cocktail “Miss Lee”, with RUM CONTRABANDO.

Cóctel Gin Tonic de BLOOM by Adrian Sehob (Punk Bach)