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When the cult of the body becomes the only thing that matters and is imposed as a way of life ¿estamos perdidos?

Anda coñe ¿Qué hace aquí el Bosón de Higgs?

It's not on my mind, nor in my desire, despise any kind of life option. It is so respectable to cultivate the body, like the mind, as long as there is no unhealthy obsession. In addition, this blog has always advocated for difference and for being a @ same @, seas como seas.

But I bring up this topic on the social tendency to worship the body for a song that a friend played the other day in his Facebook that I found interesting. A pretty young rapper, mono y con un toque pijetealgo también muy estereotipo, why are we going to fool ourselves; y que creo que también podría encajar en dicho programahe puts a lot of cane into the so-called Biceps and Cabbage Generation, clearly personified in the tronistas and suitors of the Telecinco program: Women, Men and vice versa…

The letter, which is sometimes harsh and at other times lacks basic and predictable, deja caer algunasperlitas” de “urban wisdom”, like what the obsession with the physique will come a day that cannot be supplied by other values cuando sefalllos atributos físicos o que el mundo en el que se mueve estagenerationsuele ser frívolo e insustancial.

It is clear that we all want to improve, slim down, fatten, get brown, depilarnos, etc… pero… ¿hasta qué punto vamos a sacrificarnos por la pura estética? ¿Encogimiento del pene o no tener erecciones por los ciclos? ¿Dolores de espalda por breasts postizos grandotes? y así con miles de cosas


Tampoco me gustaría generalizar pero considero que sea cual sea tuUrban Tribe”, there is no doubt that there is a growing appreciation for aesthetics. It does not matter if you go up to Jeffrey Campbell with a transparent shirt buttoned to the last button, or if you are in a lace minidress wearing your new lip piercing. We vestimos y nos “makeamospara impresionar a nuestro entorno  This is so, we all fall. ¡Ey, ey, do not be alarmed! No me parece bonito tampoco preguntar a la primera de cambio ¿what book you're reading? o ¿Cómo llevas el Boson de Higgs? but the balance never hurts. ¿Lo hemos perdido?


¿La moda or trends are in parts responsible for this? I believe that in a certain part yes, but not quite. It is clear that the models that we see in the parades, editorials or campaigns, para nada se asemejan a las nenas que inundan nuestras callesFashion creates awareness and trends, but then it's society that blows her up and adopts her, and the one who prefers exaggerated tits rather than an almost hieratic languor of many models. I am not saying that neither of the two options is less correct, But it is true that fashion is not just one and that each social group chooses and favors one or the other.

My advice – consejos vendo que para mi no tengoes que modular y coger lo mejor de cada casode la parte física y de la parte mental, sin olvidar la sentimentalsería la manera correcta de tener una vida completa, healthy and logical where mind and body are one in "communion: común unióny no estén relegados el uno al otro, how much sin, how little. Ala, I just gave humanity the panacea, to insecurities and global culture, now to follow him all, very easy, ejem, ejem… ¬¬ ¿Encontrar algo así será más difícil que el Boson?

And all this almost meaningless dissertation comes, in the end, to communicate that I have resumed reading and that I am going to start on my own again the solid operation, one of lime and another of sand!