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Thanks. That's the word that I want to start my new post of Ginger Art. Thanks to all those who saw, They shared, they liked, a los que participaron en el anterior post y por supuesto a las nuevas incorporaciones.¡Gracias por querer colaborar!

I will summarize my introduction a lot, a lot because there is a lot a lot to see and they are the protagonists, así que os voy a ir presentando uno por uno a mis ¡GingerArtistas! (I wanted to use this name to call them, even once)

Since the beginning of this project that fills me with hope, I've been wondering what these artists think that I have the nose to ask them something like that, So, so as not to stay with the doubt, I dared to ask them. ¡A ver qué dicen!

¡Preparaos para esta tanda de artistas con técnicas tradicionales con retoques digitales!

Sonia Castillo


One of the good things that I am going to get out of a job as ephemeral as the one I had until recently, is without a doubt Sonia. From the first moment she showed herself as an endearing girl until she reached the end, my surprise when he told me that he was dedicated to illustration came at a time when this idea was taking more and more shape. Of course, when he proposed it, he didn't hesitate for a second..

Sonia Castillo_Ginger art II

– Tell us what we are going to find in your illustration.

¡A Super Ginger Girl! in full batsuit: batbelt, the unmistakable cape and the iconic bat logo on the chest. Pero quizás lo más característico de la ilustración y de Ginger Girl es su pelo rojo y su flequillo supersónico, even more important than the glow of the bat-signal that surrounds it. En definitiva, a portrait of a lover of this character as she is.

Describe what you thought when I offered you to participate in this project/initiative.

Pensé ¡Vaya idea tan fenomenal! Then I felt very special and excited to participate in this initiative organized by such a fantastic person. Y a parte de esto… ¡Qué por fin iba a rescatar el color rojo de la caja de lápices!

The truth is that I have been drawing all my life. From the academic point of view, I studied Artistic Baccalaureate here in Granada, that were the prelude to my Bachelor of Fine Arts, where I oriented my studies towards the field of painting, the drawing, illustration and graphic design.

I have never disconnected from the artistic, but I can point out that the 2010 It was a key year in which I focused all my work on drawing and illustration, Thanks to the experience and personal motivation in a Master of Drawing that I did at the University. It was a year completely dedicated and focused on developing my work around drawing and illustration., Thus, a stage full of purposes and projects around illustration was born..

– ¿Cuáles son tus proyectos inmediatos o futuros?

My pending project is to see published a children's album that I wrote and illustrated a few years ago. On my website there is a sample of the album, entitled "Celeste Birlocha and her work to set the scene". The special thing is that they are illustrations made with three-dimensional and artisanal techniques.

My greatest dream is to see it finished and edited, either through a publisher or by my own means, but I only hope that there is a strong commitment to it and that what my personal work entails is really valued, who I have great affection for. In the same way, I would be very excited to participate with my illustrations in literary and editorial projects..

Una palabra que te defina.


Ana Crespo


I feel weird starting to write about Ana, whom I have a lot of love and great admiration. It is difficult to say nice things about a friend when you know that she is not going to believe it, much less approve. (she is very mommy) so I leave you with her beautiful illustration and with an interview I did with her. ¡Espero que disfrutéis tanto como yo! I <3 Murcian

Ana Crespo_Ginger art II

– Describe what you thought when I offered you to participate in this project/initiative.

Well I said yes without thinking, ¡me encantó la idea! Then I have to admit that I panicked a bit hahaha. but i really enjoyed it, what was the intention.

– Tell us what we are going to find in your illustration.

Al principio iba a meter algunos objetos “frikisque te caracterizan, but as I know you more personally, I decided to make you as I see you. that may not be reality, but it's my reality, because I know that ginger girl hides dinosaurs in her shirt.

– Tell us a little about your career

I have always been focused on the art world, for me it is a means of expression and without it it would be difficult for me to know how to live. Since I was little I have been very strange and I have always wanted to go beyond the limits of paper (thank you for your patience, mother) and now I'm still a bit the same, a girl a little older and equally rare for the rest.

After studying fine arts, I am focusing on textiles, I am currently finishing a cycle of textile art at the art school in Granada, which is allowing me to know techniques and materials that I had not even thought of to transfer it to my work (thank you for your patience, Maribel).

– ¿Cuáles son tus proyectos inmediatos o futuros?

Live from the idyllic world of art… but I think it's a rather somewhat and with obvious inequalities issue, today I offer myself for almost any type of temporary work and order to survive, razón a Ginger Girl ;) Even so, the year seems to me to be creative for now with several collective exhibitions and interventions and a lot of desire. My philosophy of life at the moment does not allow me to think about the long-term future, así que ya vemos lo que nos depara

Una palabra que te defina.

could be several, but I think I would win with COMPLICATED.

Aloha Girl


¿Qué decir de esta pequeña excéntrica fan absoluta de Lady Gaga y criada en un colegio de monjas? ¡Oro puro! I couldn't miss the opportunity to ask him for an illustration of his, taking into account that it had been a while since he had taken up the illustration. I did not know where I was going to come out and the result is the funniest.

Aloha Girl_Ginger art II

– Describe what you thought when I offered you to participate in this project/initiative.

¡WTF! ¿Después de 4 years without doing an illustration? ¡Miedo me da!

– Tell us what we are going to find in your illustration.

My illustration is subtle and direct. I have focused on something that I always saw very striking in Sandra since I met her, su pelo rojo y sus gafa-pastas (risas) Always adding a touch of one of my facets that was the first to know about me.

Tell us a little about your career

I don't know how or why I ended up having breakfast every morning with several psychiatric patients. And that was so during 4 años, until I got my Bachelor of Fine Arts. Después, very smart me, I dared to take the Master's Degree in Compulsory Secondary Education Teaching, Baccalaureate, Vocational Training and Language Teaching.

I think my teaching vein went into a state of shock when the first day of my internship at the Institute, a tormented and rebellious young woman messed up the biggest chicken ever assembled screaming and throwing various objects. But well, I think I took a liking to mediate between the fights of my students and try to convince them not to hit, scratch, amenazar y encerrar a las demás alumnas del centro en los baños

– ¿Cuáles son tus proyectos inmediatos o futuros?

At the moment I am studying Editorial Design and Production and as current projects I have an immediate exhibition pending. And futures are creating a book, the one i'm already working on.

– Una palabra que te defina.

Aloha. It has been with me all my life, both for its meaning itself, in their native language, as for how I adopted her since she was little, taking care of her, falling in love and making it become a very important part of me.

Alvaro Amezcua


One of the first things I thought of when I asked Álvaro. ¿Me hará con un vestido de novia? And my doubt continued for some time because the esaborío did not want to let go. Since we met about five years ago(we would have some 15 years more or less) ¿ha colado Álvaro? And and, I haven't stopped touching his biceps(irresistible to me) and laugh with him, He is one of those people who never bores you..

Alvaro Amezcua_Ginger Art II

– Describe what you thought when I offered you to participate in this project/initiative

After an afternoon like any other in September, in the bar of someone I don't know who (I don't get paid for advertising, so he renamed himself with said pseudonym) I don't I expected from my dear Sandra, such a strange proposal; make your closest friends and fellow artists known (if we can be called that) all this through his column ''Ginger girl''. I have to confess and sorry for the vocabulary, lo primero que pensé fueque perra la tía, who wants to fill the room with his portraits, en plan Dorian Greypero pronto recapacité mientras veía su sonrisa y la buena intención, that behind her hid.

– Tell us what we are going to find in your illustration.

In my representation of Ginger girl, I wanted to capture both the most tender side and that healthy obsession with the superhero universe that characterizes this endearing little girl so much, mistress of an altar of figures with stocky torsos; that has nothing to envy to any comics showcase.

– Tell us a little about your career

My trajectory, while brief, is very heterogeneous; since I started to be interested in the arts from a young age through pieces with a certain self-taught character that make my mother proud but that I do not stop hiding. After the basic training that we all receive at school, I focused on the Bachelor of Fine Arts, that opened me to a vast world of images and information (as well as friends like the hostess who welcomes me in this, your space) that now define me

After these studies, I did not see myself prepared to launch myself into the art market, so following my artistic vocation, I started a designer degree moda en Madrid, in which I have been able to discover my true vocation. In this last stage I have obtained internships at a national and international level, as recognition for my work.

– ¿Cuáles son tus proyectos inmediatos o futuros?

Currently I am in the production of pieces for several contests, of the fashion sector, that I combine with my work in the textile sector.

– Una palabra que te defina.


Matoko amano


Lorena is one of my artists that I have known for less time but we have immediately hit it off, fue de los primero que se ofreció a participar y eso ¡I loved! It was very motivating for me that someone wanted to participate without having to put a knife to their neck. then clear, he joked when he told me how my illustration was going to be, Luckily he didn't carry out his threat.

Matoko amano_Ginger Art II

– Describe what you thought when I offered you to participate in this project/initiative

“A esta pelirroja le planto un pene en la cara” (risas). The truth is that I was very grateful that he wanted to count on me and I welcomed him as with almost any new cool project., the idea with great desire and enthusiasm. From there, typical thoughts about different composition possibilities, design, color…

– Tell us what we are going to find in your illustration.

Well, apart from a lot of color, a very small piece about Sandra; recreating your tastes, hobbies and that aggressive but tender side that we love.

Tell us a little about your career

I was three years old when I started drawing on the walls at home until my mother got tired and gave me a coloring book. In my family we have always been very creative/artistic/craftsmen, I suppose that all this influenced me in subsequent decisions regarding academic training and artistic development. Currently I am going to start the doctorate on drawing at the University of Granada.

¿Cuáles son tus proyectos inmediatos o futuros?

As for projects/jobs, two exhibitions with very close dates are approaching, participating on both sides as curator and artist. Looking to the future I have in mind the creation of an illustrated book/graphic novel. And of course I will welcome anything that comes along that is interesting and fun..

– Una palabra que te defina.


When starting Ginger Art it was seen as a little window to the world with a very close expiration date, but as the weeks go by this is getting bigger and bigger and that little window is becoming a great showcase with more and more people who want to have fun and spread it to others.

Thank you very much, Eclechico for this special hole.

¿Quién se apunta a esta aventura?