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It's been a couple months since I wrote my first column for this special blog and I've had time to think about what I was going to dedicate my next column. So, I have come to the conclusion that we must make good use of this opportunity given me my dear Ecléchico.

In my next column I will introduce you to a number of amazing artists, that I have the luck to know, maquinotes they're all in their field and assure that nobody will leave indifferent.

I left with the premise : Fun + delusion, and as comprobaréis with their jobs, each and every one of them have turned to this "artistic initiative" in which they will do a free interpretation of Gingergirl (myself) and from there pure fantasy!

Accompanying their works, I have made a mini-questionnaire that may know a little more.

I especially want people to see in this project a real motivation to show the public, and more proposals to come out and people who want to be part of this idea. ¿In acompañáis?

Ana Funes Rull

Ana is the girl who has managed this picture of me and my world, I could totally be that my room, Power not funny! Si veis su trabajo en su Fan Page de Facebook, You will find that is a crazy skateboard and well ... Vogue has walked a few times (with love). And of course with a distinctive style and very expressive. Super Fan, I said.

Ana Funes Rull gafas amarillas

Do you remember what yours was the first picture that hung on the wall of your room?

I do not know if it would be the first but small papered my room with three posters that I uniting four pages with tape. Each with different pictures of my favorite sports. One skate, another snowboard and surf other.

Did you ever imagine what you would do what you do now?

Definitely not. Whenever I had taken it as a hobby, I did not even know that this one could live, it could be a job. Until a teacher told me Have you ever thought about dedicating this? And mind made me a "click!”

What do you want to be more?

Right now, I have the symptoms of those who start on this and I would like to touch all fields such as graphic design, editorial illustration, infant, etc. I have many things on my mind. But what would make me happy would be part of the extreme sports industry that I love, designing the equipment to be used, The tables, camisetas, etc. And if he were to have my own brand, that would be great.

If you are looking for your idol that you do a portrait, Who would it be?

Uhm ... because surely Patti Smith and / or Amanda Palmer

Una palabra que te defina: Eclectic.

You can see his work in:

Antonio Painter

Antonio is a young designer with a talent to exploit powerful, it shows it is having a great training in station design and especially, enthusiasm and excitement from all sides. He has chosen to create a framework with my favorite series, if you recognize the silhouettes, It is from Leonard (Big Band Theory) through Daenerys, Mother of Dragons (Game of Thrones), until Simon (Misfits)


Antonio Pintor Gafas Amarillas

Do you remember what yours was the first picture that hung on the wall of your room?

My first drawings were of Dragon Ball Z, I loved that show and not me never lost and drew endlessly.

What do you want to be more?

As I have already met a target to be a graphic designer, and I am now specializing in 3D Design and Production, so I'd end up working in this world, animated films, video game, etc…

If you are looking for your idol that you do a portrait, Who would it be?

Ismael Alvarez, It is certainly my biggest influence, He has always liked his style.

Una palabra que te defina: Versatile.

No me an assignment yo mismo, I assign me people who see my work, I adapt well in any field of work.

To view your work:

Efe Suarez

Efe has an impeccable personal style, It makes difficult things easy and I would not recommend anyone to share food with him because it will leave you with nothing! Kidding aside, no doubt his talent and artistic sensibility. First we met as graffiti, then illustrator and now a professor at Station Design, How it combines all? The illustration has been made to this article so cool, it is completely clean and the color combination seems perfect.

Efe Suarez redhead Gafas Amarillas

Remember that yours was the first picture that hung on the wall of your room?

Drawings and kept them in folders when regaling the preferred hang in magazines, Who could resist hang a poster of Dragon Ball Z? Who?

What was it that you loved to draw small?

As I mentioned in the previous question, and I guess like all of my generation in the absence of a medium like the Internet to search references, I had little to draw out what TV, I spent many hours drawing cartoon though

I curiously after take off from that side never to recover more.

What do you want to be more? By request, I would like to get to that "exceed" working on this

Una palabra que te defina: Constant

You can find his work in :

Iris Garcia

Iris is one of the most special girls I've known, con un amazing inner world of fantasy, lover of all creatures which for many can be asquerosillas (It has a tarantula named Lola, ¿Valley?) Of all the illustrators, Iris, It is the smallest. It shows the desire to do things and initiative in wanting to work with this illustration full of expression and color. Me and me has conquered tatuándome Batman symbol on the back.

Iris Garcia Gafas Amarillas

Do you remember what yours was the first picture that hung on the wall of your room?

I remember the first picture that hung in the fridge, They were 2 o 3 Sirens taking solecito.

What was it that you loved to draw small?

Always fantasy, Unicorns, arcoíris, Fairy, and sirens, especially you all day mermaids, Small had little artistic influences I noticed abroad, drop was more than what was inside. He filled the desks of imaginary worlds with which I enjoyed a great time.

What public searches?

Anyone who enjoys what I do makes me happy, whoever it.

If you are looking for your idol that you do a portrait, Who would it be? Doña Inspiration.

Una palabra que te defina: Soñadora

To view your work:

O en Facebook: Irshadow Grcia,


Luis and Manuel form Ideo

(Luis) “Ideo are two friends who were following very different paths, always related to the creative world, from London to Singapore, whose education includes art, design, 3d, web and audiovisual technology, until a temporary night work brought us together as a team to develop a simple poster. So it all started. "

"Since then, nur motivation is to have fun creating a world of possibilities for anyone who wants to apply to your company design, home, clothes, gifts ... spend hours and we do not realize, Sometimes we forget to eat! “

Fun, no, the next! It is the first thing that came into my head to see the picture that I have these two gentlemen. Talent; It is the combination of doing something simple and is a past to behold.

Ginger de Ideo

Do you remember what was the first drawing colgasteis wall of your room?

The first drawings they both began to enjoy, They were those of the marvelous Marvel superhero comics. So surely they would attempt to give life to those characters.

What it was what I liked to draw more small?

(Luis) I remember very little I was a little obsessed with the universe of Dragon Ball, and could not stop draw. Manuel por su parte es muy de cine de terror, and painted to a gigantic Ghost Face (Scream's murderer) on the headboard of his bed, to the chagrin of his mother.

Do you you imagined what would you do what you do now?

Not at all. If you had asked us what we wanted to be small higher, I had told journalist and film technician Manuel.

If you are looking for your idol that you do a portrait, Who would it be?

We are both fans of the television series J. J. Abrams y Ryan Murphy, I think that would be very interesting to portray.A word that you define: A word that defines us both, It could not be anything: Therefore,.


That goes without saying how happy I am for this little project with great people who have illusion, desire to work on what they like and what they struggle daily.

What will you thought? Well, if you liked stay tuned to my next columns, They will be charged to none!

Until next time, Ginger Kiss one for all!