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I love discovering new and innovative textile and accessories, I present the Hickies,the "strands" of the future.

Shoes and future can there be two things that fascinate me more? I do not think so ... That's why that was so excited when they contacted me to introduce the Hickies, or as I started to call, the "cords of the future".

Hickies (2)Is a Hickies sistema de lazada Elastica replacing traditional laces and allows the foot can easily slip into the sort of elastic zapato..Una "flanges" that fit the foot so you can wrap the shoe without tying or untying knots. Each package brings 1 (más 2 surprise gift of a colored - white mine brought 2 rojos).

A Gaston, the founder, disliked or tie or knot in traditional cords. He soon realized that was not the only one who felt that way; the laces are a nightmare for parents and children and annoyance of athletes. They are still a world revolution.

Apart from the practical function (not having to tie and untie the laces), también They have an aesthetic function, since they are available in lots of colors and you can make really cool combinations with all types of shoes. On this occasion I have put into this black booty, y oye, I think they fit perfectly giving the shoe a great originality. Su web and his Facebook To give you enganchéis them as.

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