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The Valencian company Green Cycles has developed the first water-soluble and biodegradable cosmetic containers. A revolution in the cosmetic industry in its commitment to reducing the use of traditional plastic.

Its name is Green Cycles and it is a Valencian company that has opted for research to develop a serie environmentally conscious packaging. Each person uses adaily average between 7 y 9 cosmetic products, and consumes an average of 28, mostly in traditional plastic packaging. Asimismo, it is estimated that the oceans accumulate 150 million tons of plastic and that, every year, se fourth entre 8 y 11 millions of tons. From Green Cycles they appeal to the need to opt for materials like yours, que, in case they end up stranded in the sea or ocean, They do not pollute: “Unlike traditional plastic packaging, which may take up to 500 years to disappear, the products we manufacture at Green Cycles, like cosmetic packaging, They dissolve in water in a very short time without leaving any type of residue or microplastic.”

envases de cosmética

Green Cycles cosmetic packaging, suitable for any type of product (creams, gel, shampoo, etc., as well as amenities for hotels), are made of water-soluble polymers to which other materials are incorporated in a minority. The end result of the manufacturing process is a biodegradable product, soluble in water and harmless to the environment.

Taking into account the expected use that will be given to the cosmetic container, It has been specially formulated to be functional during its useful life. Once its packaging function is fulfilled, its special design and characteristics allow it to end its life cycle as compost, naturally dissolved. Green Cycles cosmetic packaging, which can be customized with biodegradable inks and has the OK COMPOST certificate, undergoes biological degradation in any composting plant, and does not generate waste, as it transforms into carbon dioxide, water, mineral salts and biomass. In this way, the environmental impact and pollution are completely eliminated..

As stated from Green Cycles, "In an industry like cosmetics, in which a large part of its products are placed in plastic containers, Opting for alternatives such as those offered by Green Cycles would be a great step in the commitment and need to achieve a more sustainable world. And the same happens in the case, por ejemplo, of the masks, so necessary now and that they are generating a lot of marine litter: we have developed a mask with our biodegradable material, compostable and water-soluble, and we want to make an appeal so that any company that manufactures masks bets on our product”.

With the Green Cycles material used to manufacture cosmetic containers, the company also manufactures a wide variety of products, as water-soluble laundry bags, studs for sports cartridges, funeral urns, pyrotechnic housings, etc. Green Cycles is the only Spanish company that has biodegradability certificates, no toxicity, marine biodegradability, compostability and Ok Compost for this type of material. The Valencian company's commitment to sustainable industry makes it an example of a circular economy, since it manages to extend the life cycle of a product. Por ello, insist from Green Cycles, “a the next Waste Law we ask you to make a differentiation between traditional plastic and our material, since they have different characteristics. Although both are elastic, ours also contributes positively to the environment thanks to its properties.

¿Who are Green Cycles??

Based in Rafelbunyol (Valencia), Green Cycles has been over 16 years developing numerous projects for the production of intelligent solutions, that are water soluble, biodegradable and compostable. Para ello, has transformed industrial processes and manufacturing methods, improving the life cycle of the product resulting from its application.

Green Cycles was born in 2006 in collaboration with the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CTDI) and the Valencian Institute of Finance (IVF) to produce water soluble and biodegradable materials. That same year he won the NOVA award for business innovation. In the process of expansion, the company also sells to Europe, United States and Latin America.

envases de cosmética

The union of ecology and technology is its hallmark. Por ello, during all this time, has not stopped collaborating with other companies and organizations in various co-creation projects, with the purpose of discovering new smart solutions to help both industries, as consumers and, por supuesto, to the protection of Nature.