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In this article I tell you how to buy shoes online safely, ¿What requirements and advice should you take into account to get the right size and find a good product??

The world of the Internet is a universe of possibilities and comforts that more and more people take advantage of every day. Being able to buy what you need without having to leave home, simply clicking with the computer mouse is a pleasure, we will not deny it. But even today there are certain reticence that can make you have doubts when it comes to benefiting from online shopping, especially some specific products.… Today we focus on buying shoes online.

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as i say before, Buying shoes online is one of the tasks that can bring more headaches since the physical item is not available to be able to try it on before buying it.. We know that the size is not the same in all brands and models and that each one of us has very different feet even if we have the same size... But do not worry, if you are willing to plunge fully into the universe of online shoes, then you have one serie of advice with which to buy online it will be sewing and singing (or in this case just wear).

Los «Steps» essentials to buy shoes online

Paso 1: To size, measure and measure…

The first key to buying shoes online is to be clear about our size. It is perhaps the first inconvenience that we find if we want to buy shoes online and that they fit us perfectly.. ¿How can we best calculate our shoe size??

The first thing you have to do it is to know how many centimeters your foot measures and with that measure to make a simple calculation that will allow you to know what size of shoes. Para ello, you must put a sheet of paper on the floor and you must stand on the sheet resting your heel on the wall. With your feet together and resting your foot on the wall, measure its length with a ruler.. Aquí you can see it better.

BONUS TIP: Take several measurements: one without socks, others with thin socks or stockings and another with thick socks…. Although the numbers are very similar, they will help you get as close as possible to the size of the shoe you need to buy and how you will use it., if you need it to be more or less tight.

Paso 2: Calculate

Once you have measured your foot, ¿how do we convert it to shoe size? you must apply a simple calculation formula. Each centimeter of foot that you have measured is multiplied by 1,5. Por ejemplo, if the foot measures 26 centimeters the size you should buy is 39 (26 x 1,5 = 39). In the event that when doing the calculation the number you obtain is between two measurements, it is recommended that you always opt for the largest size.

A point that mustOne thing to keep in mind is that both feet are not always the same. Often one of the two is larger. Por ello, measure both feet and when buying shoes online always opt for the shoe size that corresponds to the largest size.

Paso 3: shoe information

You must make sure you know and understand all possible information about the shoe you want to buy online. If you can't find something you need to know to feel comfortable buying it, it's best not to buy it.. You can find this information, in addition to the purchase website itself, in other sources that offer you new points of view. por ejemplo, to know the exact color you can resort to trying to find the shoe in forums or social networks where users have worn it on the street (with natural light).

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You must read the description of it carefully to be able to know exactly what materials they are made of., etc…. If you have any questions you can contact the store. From their response you can also draw interesting conclusions to know whether to place your trust in that product (or even in that store) o no.

Paso 4: Secure purchase and payment method

Once you decide to buy your shoes online you have to search that the website has a secure payment platform and that the payment method is not shady or suspicious. It is highly recommended, more than directly put the card or the bank account, resort to external agents such as PayPal that serve as firewalls against possible problems.

Paso 5: Information, return policy and process

If we have followed the instructions correctly, it is normal that there is no problem with our new acquisition., but just in case it is best to investigate, know and understand the return process in the event that we do not want to keep the products we receive. Being clear about this process will help us prevent possible surprises if we want to return such a delicate product..

Paso 6: Try and failure

Este, in addition to the final step it is perhaps also a security tip. A clear way to assess both the reliability of a store online Since we have found the correct size, it is to make a first test order by making a low-priced purchase and assuming the risks that may entail.. Do not get excited, although all models are half price and seem to be what you were looking for. place a single order, Wait for it to arrive and evaluate how the experience has been.. If the product is as it appeared in the photo, if they have met the delivery deadlines and if the footwear has any defects. Once all these details have been verified, you can start asking for everything you want..

¿Who and how to trust when buying shoes online?

Surely you are thinking that a problem that you can find when buying zapatos online is deception. Think you are buying a shoe of a certain quality, elaborated in a certain material and that when you receive it at home it has nothing to do with the photo that you had seen on the web. I have lived it and it is a horrible feeling and it makes you very angry because you loved that model.

To avoid these uncomfortable situations, the best advice is to buy from reliable stores., that you have known through good references and that you may even have on hand in the world «real». It is very appropriate to have references from acquaintances or relatives who have already bought on this website before you and who can reassure you that they received exactly what they had ordered..

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In the case of not having reliable sources that have bought shoes online before you, we recommend that you opt for a store online have a reliable track record. just like before, resorting to forums or social networks that talk about that brand can help you a lot to know the opinions of other people who have bought there.

It is even more reassuring that the store has a physical store and that you can even stop by to see «live» some of you have doubts. I think that this business of going to the store cannot be said in one «Guide to buy shoes online», jajaja, but if you have already been to the store and know its type of product in the future you will be able to buy online without problems and with confidence.