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There are factors, ideas and tricks that will help you dry clothes correctly and make your clothes last longer and better.

We can not only take care of our clothes while we use or wash them. (here you have a guide: Basic care to wash clothes correctly) but also in the way we dry it and store it. Know these basic care and, including how to dry clothes correctly, It will help us prolong the useful life of our garments and ensure that they last better and in better conditions..

¿Why it is important to dry clothes completely and correctly?

Proper drying helps remove moisture from clothes, which is essential to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and fungi. Moisture in clothes can generate bad odors, stains and can even damage textile fibers, shortening the useful life of the garment.

Además, Proper and well-organized drying helps prevent the formation of unwanted wrinkles. Wrinkles can be difficult to remove once they have formed, so proper drying helps keep clothes looking cleaner and more presentable.

When drying clothes correctly, the risk of colors fading and garments becoming deformed is minimized. Some fabrics may be more sensitive to prolonged exposure to heat, so it is important to follow the specific care instructions for each garment.

Además, Proper drying prevents shrinkage of garments. Some fabrics tend to shrink when subjected to high temperatures or dried improperly in such devices. «aggressive» like dryers. By following recommended drying guidelines, you can preserve the original shape of the garment and ensure it fits well.

Tips for drying clothes correctly

denim clothes hanging on a clothesline

The main and most important thing is to take into account the washing instructions: Before drying clothes, It is always important to read the care labels for both washing and drying.. Some items may require special care., such as flat drying or low temperature drying. Each case is unique so know your garment before washing and drying it..

Other tips and tricks:

  1. Separate the clothes: Before hanging clothes, Separate it by type of fabric and color. This will prevent colors from transferring and the most delicate fabrics from being damaged.. Delicate items such as lingerie or knitwear should be dried separately from heavier items..
  2. Dry in the open air: If you have the possibility, Take advantage of sunny days to dry clothes outdoors. The breeze and the sun are excellent allies to eliminate odors and help clothes maintain their freshness. Hanging clothes outdoors is the ideal option, as the sun and wind help remove moisture and keep colors vibrant. Además, you will avoid using the dryer, which can cause tissue damage.
  3. Use hangers or clotheslines: If you can't dry your clothes outdoors, choose to hang it on hangers or on a clothesline in a well-ventilated place. This will help your clothes dry evenly and prevent them from wrinkling..

  4. Hang correctly: Spread the clothes on hangers or use clothespins to hang them so that they do not become deformed. Avoid stretching clothes too much or hanging them in places where they may chafe..

  5. Avoid direct sun exposure: If you are going to dry your clothes outdoors, Make sure it is not exposed directly to the sun for long periods of time. A little while is worth, but not too much as the sun can fade the intense colors and damage the delicate fibers.

  6. Do not use a dryer for delicate fabrics: If you have clothes made of delicate fabrics such as silk or lana, avoid using the dryer, since intense heat can shrink or damage them.

En resumen, Correct drying of garments after washing them is essential to maintain quality, the appearance and durability of clothing. Helps prevent the proliferation of bacteria and fungi, prevents the formation of wrinkles, preserves colors and shape of garments and prevents shrinkage.

Following These Proper Drying Practices, you can guarantee that your clothes stay in excellent condition for longer. Remember that following these tips will help you keep your clothes in good condition and preserve their colors for longer.. ¡I hope they are useful to you!