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His tastes, the way you work, casual and discreet essence that has managed to get my attention. This Nordic brunette knows breaking topics, incluso it could be one among the famous it girls, however Hanneli has something different.

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"Check the clothes as I can do for us" – Hanneli Mustaparta

Photographer is considered and not just a blogger, for her the most important thing is to make good pictures, looking for people who do not try to appeal to photographers streetstyle, that view with their own rules without worrying about what others think and then to show them to the world in a magazine or your own blog (

Hanneli Mustaparta 2Previously It has been a model, although that aspect is something that she remains, close to perfection even when not posing for the cameras, and now branded companies are the raffle for their campaigns. The weeks of moda, desfiles, holidays are peak work, It has moved between the major European backstage, siendo collaborator, además de muse of famous designers worldwide.

"Style is not something that can be categorized, must evolve and not just know too many rules " – Hanneli Mustaparta

Analyzing your style, we realize that we have great aesthetic cleaning, es little given to excesses and to look very loaded. The accessories or attachments are usually well thought out, often it limited to bags or simple glasses sun to give you the essence of the look.

It opts for basic items, powerful colors and dares the impossible mixes and contrast. It is to admire their desire for minimalism and natural looks such as what makes it a great source of inspiration for many of us. In my view, I think it's the clear example that elegance comes from within the person himself, that simplicity and that kind is born, not done.

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