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The Havaianas brand that has carried the summer and positive energy through “the feet” from all over the world meets 50 años.

To celebrate your 50 Birthday, Havaianas will launch a limited edition of flip-flops. This edition will make a direct allusion to the mythical “flip over” which took place in the decade of the 90 when Havaianas fans began to turn their sandals around, giving rise to single-color Havaianas that would become a moda and reference for the brand.

will be produced 50.000 pares of this exclusive model and will be sold at 30€m allocating the 100% of net sales to UNICEF, in support of your projects in Brazil.

history of the firm

En 1962, while the world was immersed in "more serious" matters, in Brazil the “less serious” footwear is born” del mundo: the havaianas. Inspired by the “Zori” Japanese of which they still keep a memory on their sole with the texture of grains of rice. They were a revolution for the feet of the Brazilians.

They were patented as “a new model with a slingshot-shaped sole and straps” and baptized as Havaianas in tribute to Hawaii and its eternal spirit of pleasure in life…From the beginning, the Brazilian working classes embraced this product, two-tone sole (blue and white) and matching blue straps,  for your convenience, durability and accessibility.

And as it happened with many other great inventions of humanity, Has pods evolved… ¡by chance! A complete run of original flip-flops that were to be produced in their traditional color, el azul,they ended up being green due to a technical problem. What was supposed to be a disaster, ¡actually started the new Havaianas Era! Full of color.

Havaianas is proud to fulfill 50 years and having transferred its spirit and authenticity to so many people. Younger and more eager than ever to continue innovating, Havaianas will continue to take its “Brazilian Spirit” to every corner of the planet.