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Heineken®, will feature two spaces on the catwalk 080 Barcelona

Heineken® participates in the 11th edition 080 Barcelona Fashion celebrated next week, del 28 al 31 January in space DHUB (Barcelona Design Hub) Barcelona.

In the space de Heineken® it can unleash the creative spirit of the attendees through the tool “Your Heineken®, an online platform that allows you to be the creator of your own choosing your favorite bottle design. Además, Heineken®, provides the Lounge Bar de Heineken®, the Heineken space located in the Village of 080 Barcelona Fashion, where the firm cervezainvita attendees to take snapshots with your smartphones aplicando el filtro de moda Heineken hand. This edition, the most "in" moments will wear fashionable color under the slogan #greenisthenewblack” Heineken hand.

And why creativity has its rewards, among all the images loaded on the subject and thehashtag #greenisthenewblack en la aplicación INSTAGRAM, You reward the image receiving more "Like" on the known application. The head of the most popular image will be presented with a pack “Your Heineken®

Además, del 28 al 31 January in the area of ​​the walkway Call 080 Barcelona Fashion will meet many familiar faces of Barcelona society, designers and fashion enthusiasts to provide a Your customized for Heineken Designer after each parade. A newspaper website 080 Barcelona Fashion se encontrarán las fotos más destacadas del Photocall de Heineken®.