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Although they may seem opposed ... Who has not met someone naturally hieratic? How to get maintain good posture for the back?

I greatly value the people who know how to keep the posture – and I do not mean composure, thanks to Dior I know how to handle well – but the rigidity and back posture and body. During my life I have been accompanied by a phrase that is repeated incessantly: Ponte straight!

I repeat it daily mentally, My mother tells me, some friends, I even once he has said some jef @ ... But still, I still remember to stay upright, what arqué me get that back and look a little hunchback.

Because of my work on the computer I spend many hours sitting postures that are not beneficial for the back, And on top I do not remember to maintain good posture, pain in neck and back, and the converted malformation Hump, they are increasing.

I love people like Ashley Smith in this photograph of Derek Kettela as magazine cover Black, you are able, either because they have gotten used since childhood - I never did when I insisted case and now I takes its toll, I'm sorry, Mom! -  or because they know perfectly take care of your back posture, to stay straight, y naturally raised hieratic.

How to get postural change this habit when you're older? A therapist friend is very clear, It is best to exercise to strengthen the muscles of the back and neck, This got to have strength to endure our anatomy and not be overcome by the weight of the head.

I for my part, tried, whenever I remember, regain the correct posture, desestresar muscles so that no engarroten in bad posture, I remember every bit that I must remain upright, etc ... I not always succeed but at least try! But I want to ask ...

What's your trick to keep good posture for your back?