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Open a box of memories and meet lots of pictures and notes labeled New York, años 20.

Whenever you ask me what time I would go in the world ... I say the future! All past can be recreated, rememorarse but studied and secure future surprises us. Did I surprise myself in New York?

You know that right now I'm heavily involved rediscovering the years 20 and thanks to Prohibition Cutty Sark y #CuttyNYC... So looking at the trunk of memories Was she told me any of my ancestors at that time?

I opened the box of memories that we all keep under the bed and I found a series of photographs written behind as a postcard with images as disparate as these ... (Any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence)

Historias de los anos 20… desde dentro speakeasy-door-slot

"Tell you the password! If you do not tell keywords you can not enter our speakeasy ... uy, that says, our private local "

Historias de los anos 20… desde dentro we-want-beer 2

"The protests of the people have begun. This will not stop us Prohibition. We are the first to go out. We want beer!. We do not want to take a cogorza but claim the rights that we have been caught. People looked at us in passing, insensitive in its accompanying gesture but in his mind. Always in the fight. Frank ”

Female dancers performing the Charleston, 1926. Credit: ©Scherl / Sueddeutsche Zeitung Photo / The Image Works<br /><br /><br />

"Mom, I am delighted in the new work. the girls are lovely and had a great time in our actions. I'm still doing the heels but I'm delighted. This is my dream. I hope to soon make the leap to the big screen. A kiss. Clara”.

Historias de los anos 20… desde dentro sherif

"Police Act raised the 10 January 1923. Police Inspector Jeremy Scott Discover and requisition a total of 1000 liters of whiskey of the highest quality imported from Scotland and one distillery to corrupt ".

Historias de los anos 20… desde dentro al capone beisbol

"Dear Mama, tito Al is behaving wonderful to me. We're having a great time. We have gone to collect commissions, the other day we were in a firefight and at a baseball game! This holiday week is being morrocotonuda. Kisses. Jimmy”.

Historias de los anos 20… desde dentro bootlegger

“Shirley, when you come to New York to spend the weekend brings high boots. It is the best way to have fun in the city. Women tricks. I love you sister. Vicky”

Historias de los anos 20… desde dentro

“Querida Daisy, Too bad you could not join us for this lovely evening spent at Cotton Club to inaugurate the year. I do get this snapshot so you can see how badly you had no. Always yours. Richard.”

Historias de los anos 20… desde dentro Raceland_Louisiana_Beer_Drinkers_Russell_Lee

"One day at the bar. Although not let us sell alcohol our faithful customers are still with us, so we hand from time to time but only with trusted and from eleven. Reynolds.”

Historias de los anos 20… desde dentro Izzy_Einstein_and_Moe_Smith

"That deal was much harder than usual to close. I was not very happy with the outcome of the negotiations but I had that nailed. Refresh the throat in the company was the best way to settle our little matter. McGulliver».

Historias de los anos 20… desde dentro carrie nation

"We can not allow it to continue selling alcohol anywhere. It is illegal, immoral and fattening. Already he said the grandmother Carrie suspicious bottle that you see have to destroy! I already have prepared my ax. Barbara”.

After seeing all these pictures I closed the box and certainly What fun the years 20 and exciting Prohibition! You can look to the future but without forgetting that we can dive in the past ...

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