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An increasingly widespread creative proposal is the concept "do it yourself", whose acronym in English, "Do it yourself" have become a highly recommended and increasingly fashionable option to achieve the products or results we want.

An old national saying already quoted that if you want something well done, do it yourself… something like that.
Under this philosophy dozens of web pages, blogs and classics libros of crafts (from the simplest to the most complex " incite the creative individual - We must recognize that you have to be almost an artist to face according to what things – to develop your handyman side and improve, customize or create from scratch products that respond to the personal satisfaction of doing something done by and for each one with unique parameters that are different from the rest.

Samples like that of B a la Moda, whose explanatory videos manage with simple tricks to completely change the appearance of a garment gives rise to customization colonizing many creative proposals. For many, this word will be part of your daily dictionary, for others, a rare bird within the new language. It is basically a term in the field of moda which refers to the creation - starting from already created bases - of new products through small details or thanks to completely restructuring their design, to adapt them to the taste of their creator.

A clear example would be to take a basic white t-shirt and use two ties and colored paint, make your own design, and only, what is maybe the most important thing for customizers, customize your products to find the difference. All this will be according to the skill and inventiveness of the handyman..

Stores jump on the bandwagon. Of course Desigual

Some stores have been ready and have quickly caught the philosophy of differentiation of this trend. I consider that one of the most relevant cases, perhaps because it is the clearest and most well-known sample it is Uneven. It has shown that the almost impossible can be achieved, create mass appealing to difference. garments, that effectively in most of the cases seem to be made by oneself due to the use of scraps, reuse of fresh and different fabrics and designs have managed to position themselves as a differentiating element within the national fashion scene.
The genius concept of Desigual has triumphed, sin duda, as evidenced by the increasingly better reception by buyers and its proliferation of stores, in addition to awards such as the best concept, granted in 2008 or its recent European expansion where it is receiving great honors in countries like Germany.
It is clear that It has been a success when even in the stores of the Chinese - or even in the markets - clothes of this style are already beginning to be seen. But the problem is that now Being a Desigual boy has become almost an urban tribe, what the creation has meant of "unequal clones", so that mass consumption equates them to the big brands and their effects on the population. We are all dressed "the same".

This differentiation strategy that they intend to follow could be diluted and cease to be effective once the “unequal clones” realize this aesthetic., that style, it has become overcrowded. Well it is true that it is much easier to recognize an uneven t-shirt than a Zara one, H&M or the rest of "mass stores" that follow similar stylistic parameters. What should the company do then? Start to relax your design proposals? Adapt your style to the evolution of your target audience??

Talking about the brand's creative strategy, I consider that Many times a greater "difference and personalization" can be achieved with a good combination of mass products. than with an uneven t-shirt I know quite a few people with a lot of personality and a lot of style who faithfully commune with the brand, with their proposals and their presence but for "watchers" like me all the clothes are extremely "similar", which achieves an inverse effect to the desired. This all comes down to what I experienced the other night in a pub. A girl - I guess she's sick of some swagger from her friend- he commented with a clear voice and a little louder than it should, and staring into her eyes: “We already know that you are from Desigual, bonita, so pick up your threads and leave us a while”. I couldn't help but smile.

Image: Desigual's current campaign. Verano 2010.