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The traditional company La Ibense Bornay presented in Madrid a line of ice cream made on olive oil. 100% plant suitable for vegans, vegetarians, lactose intolerant and celiac. ¡For everyone!

La Ibense Bornay, the oldest ice cream company in Spain (founded in Sanlucar de Barrameda in 1892), Madrid has presented its main novelty for this year. This is the first range in the world of ice cream prepared on olive oil. A line 100% vegetable, rich in oleic acids, suitable for vegans, vegetarians, lactose intolerant and celiac and Halal certification is presented in three delicious flavors: chocolate, almonds and vanilla macadamia.

The presentation of this product took place in the pergola of The Principal Madrid Hotel, where I went to try them first-hand. ¡Ya sabéis que me apunto a un bombardeo, and if it is something to eat, I even more happy! I assure you that it is not only a healthy ice cream, but also delicious. With a smooth, creamy texture, not noticeable at all a change of taste. Everyone knows that all the oil has a very strong flavor but in this case perfectly neutralizes.

Explains Álvaro Astilleros, La Ibense Bornay Director: “We are facing an ice cream break with everything known so far and responding to the triple requirement that made us consumers it is a handicraft product, healthy and covering the spectrum of food intolerances and also at a competitive price. And this has been made possible by the gold of the Mediterranean diet: the olive oil. Right now there is no ice cream as advanced as this and we hope that marks a before and after in the sector”.

The range of ice cream of the olive oil is marketed Ibense Bornay format terrine kilo medium in channel supermarkets and hypermarkets price Approximate 4,95 euros.

The nutritional benefits of the ice-cream produced on olive oil.

Against industrial ice cream on a base of animal fat, The Ibense Bornay is distinguished opting for a handmade with olive oil. The result is a greater range of creaminess, completely created with vegetable ingredients, reduced saturated fat but high in oleic acid and, por tanto, good for controlling blood cholesterol levels. It is also low in sodium, so it is ideal for hypertensives.

To the animals contain no milk, It has been replaced by vegetable milk (almonds), It is suitable for galactosaemic (lactose intolerant) and easily digestible. Asimismo, varieties of chocolate and vanilla macadamia have vegan certification, while almonds, It has vegetarian. this range, which also features the Halal certificate, It is made by artisans following ethical process with the environment and contains no preservatives.