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Comfort, Latest Trends and tradition together in a boot made with quality materials. The Chelsea promise to become a whole must season.

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Neon Boots reinvents the iconic and Chelsea boots and colorful our closet. Boots fluorine colored dress and become the perfect item to give a funny touch to your style, without neglecting the comfort and quality, so characteristic since its inception. NeonBoots is the perfect union of tradition y trend…Y, of course ... in this new way of understanding a classic piece, the great champions have been the bloggers de moda highlights of the country, wearing them in their outfits and providing thousands of ideas to combine. The iconic Chelsea boots renovated full color

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Interesting history of Chelsea boots

England, XIX century. Legend has it that, in full Victorian era, Shoemaker Queen Victoria He designed a model of innovative footwear with resistance and elastic reinforcements, perfect for riding; the boot “Chelsea”. Court of Queen, They passed to other kings, in this case music; los Beatles. They were the ones in charge of rescue 60 like the stormtrooppers deStarwars. And in 70 were the “mods” who incorporated the “Chelsea” star as his shoes when dancing in clubs across Britain.