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When we have to give a gift to our father (or the father of our partner, por ejemplo…) we always find the typical problem, ¿now what do i give him? Here I give you several gift ideas for fathers that will serve to inspire you always.

Good for father's day, for your birthday or to celebrate a special date, it seems that it is a little more complicated to give to parents than the rest of the gifts we make throughout the year. Some time ago I made an article with 5 random gifts for parents that gave you some somewhat random proposals on what to give, but this time I wanted to think about 10 ideas, some a little more generic and open than ever, Never, ever in life, pass from moda and they are always a good gift for parents (they are as they are since they are versatile and adaptable).

Por supuesto, as explained in me «guide to make a gift» entitled ¿It's so hard to give a good gift? the main thing is to know the personality and tastes of the honoree. once that «is controlled» It will be time to bet on a gift option that will surprise each year in a special way.

10 gift ideas for parents

gift ideas for parents

01. Food and drink

Let's be realistic. Give away food and drink of the taste of the gift is ALWAYS one of the greatest successes. ¡And the best thing is that there are options for everyone! For the most classic, a wine, for the most rogues some beers, for the most modern a signature gin or for the eco a kombucha… and if we add to that all the gastronomic copycats on the market, both original and basic or gourmet, native or exotic the possibilities are multiplied by a thousand. In addition to being a very simple gift, It is very versatile and always makes the recipient happy, since when enjoying the gifted drink or food, they will remember who gave it to them with a smile. (and in good taste) on the lips.

02. technology and gadgets

If your father is a techie and he buys all the latest technological advances on the market, you can forget this point, but if he is a normal father surely you enjoy an update of your day to day through a new gadget that can renew the way you relate to the world. If there is enough budget, a new mobile for him (and not that those who are discarding the other members of the family remain) or a smartwatch to control your day to day from the wrist, or even if it is kitchens, a digital alarm to control cooking… Surely they are elements that surprise him because it is the typical thing that he would not buy himself but then uses them more than it seems.

03. entertainment and leisure

This is an idea as broad as the different entertainments that each of the parents can have.. To hit with a gift like this The first thing is to make sure how the father to whom we are going to give a gift prefers to have fun.. If you love the cine, a ticket or an annual pass to your favorite cinema in the city, if you are a serial fan, a gift card with a subscription to a streamer service, if he is a football fan some tickets for a special game (or subscribing to a specific football channel on TV). Giving away a few hours of entertainment in these days where we are always so busy is essential in this list of 10 gift ideas for fathers a great idea and will never go out of style.

04. Beauty and personal care

gift ideas for parents

For each of us, our parents are the most handsome men in the world., but a little help is always good, ¿don't you think? body care products, of beauty, for the beard, for the skin (both face and body) are elements that are not always associated with man in a wrong way, ¡they also enjoy taking care of themselves! Choose products that are more or less simple depending on how Beauty Lover the father you are going to give it to is, but by choosing these products you are not only making a surprising gift, but also helping your body to be a little better… In this section of ideas not only count the products, but also «the machinery» such as a good razor or facial massager.

05. Culture (varied)

As in this list 10 gift ideas for parents what I'm looking for is to inspire, here we find another example that can be very versatile. give culture, as in the first option it is ALWAYS beneficial for the gift. And it doesn't matter what type it is, un book, a CD, some tickets for a concert or for an hour of theater, there are always ways to surprise by linking our gift to a cultural element that will surprise, will entertain and also cultivate the leisure and entertainment of the gifted father.

06. rest and relaxation

If the father we are looking for a gift for has a very busy life, betting on giving relaxation will be a success, ¿And how relaxation is given? Well, the gifts can go from an urban spa, a country getaway, Yoga classes to meditation courses or massages… Giving away these types of things we are getting that busy person to rest and relax a little so that it will always be a welcome gift and that will recharge the batteries of the gifted.

07. wisdom and knowledge

Because knowledge does not take place, ¡but it can be a big surprise! A book to learn how to make a craft, some classes (online or face-to-face ) about a topic that interests you, private reinforcement classes or guides or documentaries on a topic that you are passionate about…. It is certainly a great gift idea as in addition to entertaining the gifted father we are also making him wiser. In addition, it can be training both on topics that you are passionate about and want to expand on or on new topics that discover a new world for you..

08. Attire, clothing or accessories

gift ideas for parents

Vale, this idea is perhaps the least surprising because it is typical to give clothes to parents, either formal wear such as ties or shirts or sportswear such as tracksuits or sneakers. Accessories such as socks also shine in this section, gorras, backpacks or scarves…. Pero let it be one «common option» it does not mean that it is less good since if it is so repeated it will be for something. They always come in handy for dads, and especially to the less fashionistas, a wardrobe renewal from time to time so this option could not be missing from this list of 10 gift ideas for parents.

09. Free time

The idea here is to find a way to relieve him of some tasks or chores so that he can have more free time to do what he wants.. Analyze his day to day and look for the way in which you can make your father (or the father you want) have a little free time for yourself. From automating some of your tasks, help him get more done with work or organization or find tools or gadgets to help him squeeze a few moments of relaxation out of his busy day will make great gift ideas for fathers. Example: a microwave steamer can help you eat healthier and faster with a little more free time at meal times. Surely like this idea you can find many more.

10. Time together

This idea, which is perhaps one of the most emotional, it is the one that parents most often value since making plans in company is even more fun. This point can be combined with many of the previous ones, such as going to do a father wine tasting – son or father – is, enjoy a series, concert or show together, sign up to learn a new hobby together so you can spend more time sharing that hobby in the future…