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No matter how minimalist we are, plain and bland walls never make us happy. Here I give you some ideas to decorate them and bring out your style throughout your house.

Whether we arrive at a new house and we have to decorate from scratch or, simplemente, we need to refresh our life and we want to update the decoration that exists in our house we always consider the same: change the furniture. Pero. ¿what about the walls? Decorating the walls is essential.

Sí, the walls (and his decor o no) they are essential when proposing the general aesthetics of the rooms. It is perhaps the most important key since they are the ones that frame everything else in the space. Neglected walls will make any piece of furniture, as beautiful as it is, fade completely.

table with vase near chairs and painting

Por eso, besides taking care of them, it is best to think of the walls as one more and very important part of the decoration of the house. Here I give 5 ideas to decorate the walls that are versatile so you can fit them into your taste and style:

Turn your wall into an art gallery

It is one of the techniques to decorate the walls most used, is howmoda, versatile and fully customizable. The idea of ​​stacking a serie of pictures and frames, with photos, sheets or pieces that we like, in addition to decorating the house, will help us collect our memories or works of art.

The key is to choose the right frames to convey the feeling we want.: modern and minimalist frames for a current stay, or classic and traditional frames to give an older touch, wooden frames and elements for a more rustic touch, the flat colors, vivid and metallic for something brighter. The options, both layout and frames, colors and contents of that wall is infinite and will depend solely on what you like.

Travel without leaving home with giant wall murals to decorate the walls

¿Do you want a front panel in the room to be the main protagonist of the room?? Es muy sencillo, resort to giant wall murals. It is a simple way to decorate the walls in a somewhat daring way as you can turn a room wall into a full size photograph.

Eso sí, we have to be prepared so that all the attention goes to that point and the furniture that compose it fits with the composition and the photography (that do not cover anything important or contrast ugly with the background). The variety of existing designs – and there is even the possibility of creating your own designs with your photographs – makes there options for all tastes. It is a statement of intent, you just have to choose a photo that represents you and your home.

Define visual support points with decorative vinyl

If you don't dare with a completely vinyl wall, you can resort to smaller elements. EIt's time to think about the trendy decorative vinyl. With them you can establish visual support points comfortably and quickly. They allow you much more versatility than traditional frames since their scale, measurements or arrangement can be much freer and more comfortable.

These decorative vinyls are a great idea when the decoration of the walls comes after the furniture. At times when we are in a house that is already furnished, it is much easier to find vinyl that fits both with the decoration and with the spaces that need it in the room..

Decorate the walls with clashes of color with blocks or shapes

A very simple and effective wall decoration option and idea is to bet on color blocks on the walls. You don't have to be an artist to paint with concrete blocks or simple geometric shapes. – por supuesto, if you help yourself from a much better guide.

But I'm not talking about painting 1 single room wall of a different color, that this is something already seen a little. ¿Why don't we dare and go one step further? We can paint a large square or circle centered on a wall head – for example in the headboard of the bed they look great -, or frame doors and windows with a bold, eye-catching border, as well as play with the corners, stripes (horizontal and vertical) loose around the room… Imagination is the only limit.