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Because nothing left, and less on Christmas, IKEA proposes this Christmas action to take advantage of leftovers.

IKEA knows that one of the pillars of Christmas – Besides carols, reunions and that bonico achispamiento mind that makes us more loving – They are bingeing. ¡And it is that we always meet to eat! well be at noon, of snack or scene, food is essential to celebrate these unions but not everyone has as easy access to them as we do. And there are not very hopeful data that indicate that el 25% de la food What do we buy during these dates? – in which we fill the eye faster than the gut – ends up in the trash can.

It is very common -In your house I suppose it also happens ¿no? – that christmas day / New Year's dinner «remains» of what was prepared the night before that we have not been able to finish. The Swedish giant has prepared the idea #LaOtraNavidad with a serie of simple solutions and ideas so that this year we do not waste that food.

There is no nothing better than planning, dose and recycle; because we are at a moment in which we have begun to understand that with actions like these, life can not only be much better, but more howmoda, fair and above all coherent.

Tricks to keep an eye on leftovers by IKEA

  1. ¿some cheese left over? Grate it and store it in a thermal bag for the next pizza!
  2. priority post it. Write down the date of completion of the food you have in the fridge, to know which one to consume before and that nothing goes bad.
  3. The bread has a lot of life even after hard: Picatostes, migas or even a postre like a cake (here in Granada migas with chocolate are famous).
  4. One lasagna to conquer them all. A little bit of debris on one side, and from another, with egg and cheese and an imaginative lasagna to the song.
  5. Fruits don't mix. If you have bought more than you have time to take, separate the pieces by variety – especially the apples of the rest – to prevent them from ripening too quickly.

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