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Knowledge is power, and nothing better than knowing what cosmetic brands are unfairly using animals,to ask them to change their ways.

No a la experimentacion con animales (1)

It is no urban legend cosmetics companies test their products on animals before being marketed. That monkey a pig with lipstick! BECAUSE NO. Those tests They cause them irreparable physical damage even unto death.

Do not stop ringing protests and claims, como la de esta mujer que se sometió a todas las pruebas a las que someten a los animales para demostrar lo perjudiciales que son. Por suerte the European Union and It has banned such practices in Europe, but there are still many companies in different countries are making and distributing their products here.

No a la experimentacion con animales (2)

Here I leave an article of Ecosphere showing A list of firms around the world who experience their cosmetic products on animals. And also show a list of those who do not. Which shows that it is possible to make good products without animal abuse.