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We review some interesting plus size influencers that show us that fat women also enjoy fashion and wear what they like best (without thinking about what they should wear according to society).

I'm tired – of the Rivera family – to find me online tips, tips or ideas for «looks thinner«, as well as articles or profiles that indicate what you should wear – or what not – overweight people. It is not uncommon to hear "You, who are plump, passes the stripes", "The cleavage that best suits you and makes you slimmer is such", «The fabrics you should use are»… That is why I wanted to bring here some perfiles from Influencers plus size that show that fat women can WEAR WHAT THEY WANT. Literally. And that's it. Period. No kinks, no tricks or no half measures. It seems incredible that you have to keep saying this in full 2020 but the fight against fat phobia continues.

Although it is true that we find more and more examples of publications that do not treat fat as something inherently bad or as a concept to avoid at all costs, it is still very easy to fall into the topic of "It is styling or this garment is not for fat women ». These women show you that moda All of her! it's also a fat thing.

Denise Mercedes

She was the germ of this post. Denise not only shows that she can wear whatever she wants, It makes it very clear – and on video – can wear exactly the same as a girl with a normative body! That is the most striking thing about her profile where she and her friend María put on exactly the same look, With quite a few kilos of difference! Leather leggings, thigh high boots, skintight dresses and scandal slits, EVERYTHING is possible and everything is wearable whatever your weight.

Jennifer Buckingham

Sheer dresses, bulky ruffles, biker pants or oversized prints. Jennifer's style is "calmer" than Denise's but it clearly shows how the aforementioned elements that are usually "banned" for fat women can be very good in their day to day.

Stephanie Yeboah

Monkey, ethnic prints, urban clothing or abuyonados. Stephanie Yeboah proves that a great personality shouldn't be overshadowed by shady old-fashioned and totally out of place fashion concepts in 2020. Influencers plus size have it clear: Attitude before canons to follow.

Ana Goitia

This wonderful chicarrona from the north shows us that in Spain there is also a plus size style. She is an essential of the blogosphere in Spanish and shows with her style and character that fashion for her also has no limits: Short dresses, bold prints, And striped t-shirts, sacrilege! (or so say the outdated fashion parameters to look slim)

Chloe in curve

Male style or princess dress. Casual or very elegant clothing. Sexy or demure styles, Chloe is a plus size Influencers who wears everything she wants without losing identity and attitude. Versatility is often frowned upon in fat people – you know, If you have found something that looks good on you, do not leave there – pero, What a bore!

Rochelle Johnson

I really like Rochelle's profile because she is not afraid of color. It is always said that to "appear thinner" you have to almost mourn but she shows us that colorful looks can make us much happier.

Alissa S. Wilson

"Fat women can't wear heels". When I heard that statement in a conversation at a fashion event, it almost ended in anger.. They can wear WHAT THEY WANT. Alissa for example does not get off of them and has an enviable panache. His style has a more professional touch which can inspire us for office looks or daily outfits..

Nadia Aboulhosn

When we talk about large sizes, we usually think of more classic styles but Nadia shows us that urban and trendy clothes do not understand kilos either., And what a roll whatever you weigh! It is one of the plus size Influencers that has the most trash fachion roll and shows that the most radical trends also don't care what the scale says.

I am sure there are many more examples of fat women also enjoying fashion, empowered women who wear what comes out of the box without having to fit social standards. Who play with fashion no matter what they weigh and who fight against gordofobia day in and day out also being true to themselves and transmitting values ​​that we want to share.

Por favor, let's value that more – the values – when it comes to following references on social networks. Let's give ourselves the opportunity to show ourselves that what we have always believed as "normal and best" was not so much the case, it was just "what there was". Now with the networks, are Influencers plus size – and even with closer and more varied elements – we can get to know, understand and appreciate other realities that can be even more inspiring and exciting.

Do you know any other names than fat women who wear whatever they want? Do not hesitate to tell me here in comments or through Instagram to continue expanding these references.