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Our fashion has discovered a revolutionary marketing tool. Of designers with renowned young artists, from the world of celebrities addicted blogosphere, fashion shows via Instagram.

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Saray Sanchez / @saray_ss

Today there are a lot of tools to take advantage of our image and our surroundings. Instagram por ejemplo se ha convertido en un complemento para mostrar en vivo y en directo que ocurre a través de instantáneas. Bloggers and clothing firms love it, It has since accelerated (and democratized) la forma en la que la moda llega al mundo.

Instagram 2Fashion live a very fast pace, no longer we seek eternity in a garment, We opted for the new, alternatives, new combinations, things that capture the moment. Instagram is another way to see the daily and visual communication, the strength of this application is that it eliminates intermediaries, us It lets see what interests us more directly and personally. You like to know, adopt Ideas, know that it takes and so draw our own conclusions.

The marketing is somehow dictating trends, we are invaded by large companies such as Inditex often decide for us. Apart from my point of view the rules have changed, I see signature customer relationships are no longer the same, They are unidirectional. It is no longer talking about customers, but followers. For large firms it has become a source of wisdom, similar to a market analysis, you can predict trends and see the consumer reaction immediately.

Phrases like "a picture is worth a thousand words" or "a picture is translated into any language" perfectly define this type of application.

Brands like Mango gather more than 100.000 followers, It is one of the Spanish firms with more followers, organizing conferences and exclusive remedies for their fans.

Desigual is another example close, on your profile are almost 54.000 followers. His philosophy is based on creating a community with users who discovered the brand through your pictures, reporters collaborating with them so, covering the events of the mark in the application.

Loewe, luxury icon also has a place on this platform, He has invited his followers to take pictures with her purse badge from different parts of the world with the slogan "Amazona around the world", just to reaffirm the international presence.

Instagram Gala GónzalezIn the world of the blogosphere, already established as icons Gala Gonzalez, it can boast of having imported this phenomenon in our country, Instagram used with great versatility, showing the world that must be true to our own style, no imitations, being self, much of this is the key to success.

Paula Echevarría It is another of the stars, It has thousands of followers. She herself has had at first resisted this social networking, but to get this application, It has been hooked. He finds it fun and feels closer to all those who support their work and that naturalness has captivated the Spanish public in a way that is easy to identify with it. Often upload pictures of your day day, phrases that inspire you, moments that make you…and as fashionable maintains its philosophy of keeping the basic wardrobe and experiment with different combinations.

Instagram Paula Echevarría

En definitiva, Instagram is another way to view and filter the world and certainly a patent influence in the fashion world.