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When someone stands out, las marcas se dan ‘guantáspor él. This is what I thought when I saw the collaborations between designers and brands that Jeremy Scott is currently starring in .

Since I discovered this versatile and fun designer, Jeremy Scott, que me conquistó a la primera con sus propuestas ingeniosas y desenfadas en la pasada Semana de la Moda de Nueva York (NYFW) I have not stopped hearing his name associated with great ideas. Or if not so great, al menos que me han gustado y que me encantaría tener. Sin duda, its iconic and ironic image is enhanced, reminiscent of comics and completely pop. Marcas como Swatch o Adidas could not miss the opportunity to associate with values ​​that fit the glove.

In the first case, Scott has designed a special line of watches with three models, very different from each other but with the intrinsic personality of this pencil thug. Siempre I defend an originality without touching the stridency, And I think it's a perfect example., an original and different touch on the wrist but without feeling extremely extravagant. The problem: No sabría cuál elegir… (bah, lie, yes i would know, I throw those wings! aunque el del rayo vaya más con mi imagen de marca ¬¬ Vale, I don't know which one to choose again)  Cada uno tiene un precio de 42, 50 pounds (pocos menos de 50al cambio) and you can buy it online.

In the second case, sports brand Adidas, who has been collaborating for several years with Scott, on this occasion he has opted for a redesign of the firm's classic sneakers, como no podía ser de otra manera, ¡el resultado también tiene alas! (and i want it too! ¬¬)

calls Adidas Wings, here we can see the complete catalog of the possibilities that the piece acquires, blanca, dorada… En esta temporada ha creado varios modelos, two starring the clear reference to the Greek god Hermes (the messenger of the gods and guardian of youth and health and physical strength. With those credentials, I'm not surprised that Adidas is willing to put wings on our feet!) y otros dos en la que las clásica lengüeta de la firma se multiplica y amplia para aportar un volumen extra en el empeine. El precio de estos modelos va desde los 60a los 70€. (The designer has also created a small line of sportswear for the brand., where the cheetah print stands out. But here we have come to talk about wings!!)

Jeremy Scott

Ahora por “poco dineropuedes ir completamente alado, and making your more youthful and popero spirit stand out.

The good: Prices are not as high as the designer's own firm.

The bad: I'm too poor even for that! From here I make an appeal to my employers! (Mama, papa…) I want it all!