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Jimmy Choo heads to Dubai with his “Stylemakers” to introduce us to Tala Samman, protagonist of the cruise collection 2013 en “Stylemaker ́s Choo 24:7”.

For the Cruise Collection 2013, Tala Samman brings Choo's personality to life 24:7 Combining in it Jimmy Choo's iconic shoes and accessories with Dubai landmarks as a backdrop. In this video you can see the seven days of the Tala style. Tala Samman is the editor, blogger and consultant for moda as well as the founder of the style blog: Of Syrian origin, Tala was born in Chicago and grew up in Dubai where he currently lives. Tala has an eclectic style that effortlessly blends casual with elegant & chic.

Sobre “Stylemaker ́s Choo 24:7”

This interactive page promotes a series of photographic reports through an image gallery of fans of Jimmy Choo dressing his products in different time zones., day and night, 24:7. This page invites fans and photographers to participate by submitting their own Street style images that reflect their personal style.. A selection of the best images is subsequently published on that page and shared with all fans around the world., reflecting Jimmy Choo's global character.

The Cruise Collection 2013 is the third season in which the “Stylemakers” are presented on Jimmy Choo's page. Each new season new “Stylemakers” will be presented in different cities of the world, being the next destinations: Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Paris. The page also features old content with an archive of Jimmy Choo celebrity and event images..