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Jimmy Choo presents the bell̃to the collectiońn Otõo – Invierno 2014 starring British actoŕnico Kit Harington.

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Photographed by Peter Lindbergh in Los Ádrool, en una casa privada the hazẽada by famous architect John Lautner, whose modernist style characterized́stico creates a dramático cloth́n background for atmóshifting sphere of imagerýLindbergh's. the bell̃a features the figure of Harington in a serie of amazing imageśgenes that show I collect it́n Mens Autumn – Invierno, le presentan como la imagen de la nueva fragancia de hombre, Jimmy Choo MAN y I collect it́n cácapsule of glasses from Carrera by Jimmy Choo.

Kit was the choicén perfect for the bell̃a, tiene una confianza innata y proyecta una naturaleza rebelde y juguetona. Posee un estilo abiertamente masculino que resulta cool sin esfuerzo, asthmás of a great sense of humor. Pero debajo de su intensidad se esconde un verdadero caballero. Peter Lindbergh has perfectly captured the spíritual of the Jimmy Choo man, afirma Sandra Choi, Directora Creativa de la firma.

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El imaginario de Lindbergh capture the atmospherétheir spherécenter of an intense love story, con la fuerza y la sensualidad innata de Harington para seducir. The bell film̃a show the story behind́s of the aćmaras where the performancén and the interactiońn del hombre y la mujer Jimmy Choo, ambos con caracteres dominantes y fuertes, merge to achieve a state of áhighly charged mood.

““It is incredibly exciting to work with such a highly regarded firm.́n in the world of moda, so it is a great honor to be the image of your campaigña. The sessiońn of photos was a lot of fun and the locatiońn was wonderful, with panoramic viewśmicas incrediblébles of Los Ádrool. Working with Peter was a experience stupendous, it's a photótalented grapher with a great ability to direct”, cuenta Kit Harington.

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El actor Kit Harington es máHe is known for his role as Jon Snow on the award-winning television serieśn “Game of Thrones” de la HBO. its benefitśxim cinematographic projectścharacters include “Spooks” (2015) y “Testament of Youth” (2015). Presentada globalmente en las ediciones de septiembre, the bell̃to go accompanỹada of an exclusive interview conducted during the filming that can be seen in www.jimmychoo.com

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