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The accessories firm has released a line dedicated to the iconic representation of the UK Flag, but they are late to join the bandwagon of "honor" banderil.

If last summer the flags of the USA flooded us, on this occasion It seems that the UK takes over... Maybe it's because of the Olympics, for the new moda fashionista hailing from the British royal house, or not even the queen knows, but since very recently many references are seen in thousands of sites!

Como sabéis, this Easter I spent a couple of days in London, and of course, and as a good souvenir geek, no I could avoid getting things with this stamped flag. The best, a cup, a bargain! It will always remain as a memory of my stay in that wonderful city to which I hope to return soon ... but ... Would I take it on me "everyday"? (Here you will understand that Anglicisms are PERFECTLY justified! )

Throughout me trip I have seen many, but many, tourists with scarves of patterned flags, almost always those from the United States or the United Kingdom ... The truth is that at the beginning I also looked for one until I discovered that everyone had it. No, I don't want to be modern, but I don't like being a clone either (I'll keep looking because the idea is cool, but I want something different, not what I have seen in hundreds of posts for € 10). The of Jimmy Choo does not serve me as an option either, porque, no nos engañemos, it is exactly the same but more expensive!

They explain in their press release that they have created this collection “to celebrate the firm's British heritage, Jimmy Choo offers a unique Union Jack accessory closet ready to carry out their own British invasion”. How wonderful! Is British heritage coming out right now? Wouldn't it have been more complete to do it before?

Sincerely, I am passionate about the roll of flags as iconography and as print. I'm not saying that the accessories that the firm has just presented are ugly, upside down, I find them very cool! But in this case I think they only picked up something that was already "full of power" in the street and have jumped on the bandwagon in a very inconspicuous and elegant way ...

As I say, we had already seen all this before; even the model "ALEX, las glasses eighties inspired sun and square shape made of acetate, showing Jimmy Choo's interpretation of the British flag inside the frame and on the temples, for an irresistible touch of patriotic glamor”- quotes the press release - they are traced to ones that I was on the point of buying from some chinos!

It is clear that the quality of the products will be different, I can assure the quality of Jimmy Choo, but if a short time ago he surprised me with great ideas such as the Tribute to Iris Apfel sandal, Today I give one of sand to the Zapatistas and tell them that in this case they are not inventing anything new. Who would want to wear "as a novelty" for 100 what everyone already carries and has carried by 10?