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The Aural Hearing Centers network partners with Blanca Jewels with the aim of enhancing the self-esteem of women who wear hearing aids. “Wearing headphones should not be hidden, but show off, “This is what this collection is about.”, affirms John Ignatius Martinez, director de Aural.

The network of Aural Hearing Centers, pioneer of audiology in our country, has celebrated the launch of her first jewelry collection by Blanca Jewels, with the aim of enhancing the self-esteem of women who wear hearing aids.  This collection goes beyond addressing hearing loss, but also focuses on increasing women's confidence, making them feel good and confident about themselves.

This initiative was born in a context where 3 decade 10 People who suffer from hearing loss do not use hearing aids in Spain. Por ello, on the occasion of 45 anniversary of the Aural Hearing Centers network, the company has launched this action to break the stigma associated with hearing aids, since many people choose not to seek a solution to their hearing loss, because it is often seen as a symptom of aging.

As explained by the general director of Aural, John Ignatius Martinez, this initiative, unique in the world, connects with the ultimate goal of the company, what is improve the well-being and quality of life of people with hearing loss. We sell hearing aids to correct hearing loss, but in reality we dedicate ourselves to something that goes beyond: to improve the well-being of people with hearing loss. Our priority is for people to recover their hearing, por supuesto, But we are also interested in enhancing your self-esteem and self-confidence., that they feel good about themselves. Porque… ¿What better way to fight the stigmas around hearing loss than by boosting the self-esteem of people who use hearing aids??

Blanca Lopez, by Blanca Jewels, she enthusiastically shared what the creative process of designing jewelry for women who wear hearing aids was like.. He emphasized the importance of craftsmanship and the creation of unique pieces, a philosophy that defines its brand and resonates with the tastes of its demanding consumers. Por su parte, Maria de Leon, Aural ambassador and user of its hearing centers, revealed his personal experience with hearing loss, highlighting the importance of giving voice to this issue and remove the stigma that often prevents many people from seeking help regarding this problem. “I am a user of this Aural network and I could not be more satisfied with both the professionalism with which they work and the quality of my hearing aids.. ¡They even allow me to hear the mobile audio directly through them.!”, He explained.

All about the new collection, symbol of empowerment and self-care.

This collection is very special, since it goes beyond aesthetics, and is born converted into a symbol of empowerment and personal care. The network of Aural Hearing Centers together with Blanca Jewels have created jewelry following a completely artisanal process where quality is prioritized over quantity, following a local and sustainable production process.

Behind each piece we make there is an artisanal process where every detail is cared for and pampered.. They are pieces that are made exclusively to measure for each client.”, reveals Blanca López, founder of Blanca Jewels.

With this capsule collection of jewelry for women who wear hearing aids, we want to present craftsmanship as the new luxury, the luxury of exclusivity. Jewelry with high-value raw materials, unique pieces made by hand and with a lot of passion for a job well done. Pero, sobre todo, the message is conveyed that hearing loss is another characteristic of our beauty and that it is part of what makes us unique.