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It is a company that offers, all over Spain, the concept of comfortable campsites where it comes together the camping experience pero with tents with the comforts of a hotel.

Kampao born in 2016 becoming the 1ª Spanish startup dedicated to accommodation based on tents with extra comfort and style (what I colloquially call comfortable campsites ;-), including beds, sheets and bath towels, tables and chairs, carpets, electrical system and lighting, mosquiteras, household, portable fridge and other extras. It currently has a presence in 50 holiday campsites, which add up 3.000 designer tents with capacity for up to six people.

It is an Andalusian startup founded in 2016 by the young businessman Salvador Lora, and it is presented as the new alternative to implement a more sustainable tourism. With stores of different categories and located in a selection of the best campsites in Spain, that stand out for their natural wealth or their proximity to protected and regulated areas, Kampaoh offers its customers a new way of traveling: more sustainable, more respectful with the environment that surrounds them and more conscious.

The idea that changed camping.

Kampaoh campings cómodos

En 2016 Salvador Lora, founder of Kampaoh, he traveled to Puerto Rico on a vacation that changed the course of his professional life, y, thus, the way to travel in spain. By chance, their accommodation was a campsite that offered tents already set up and fully equipped., including bath towels and a beach cooler. That experience was the seed of Kampaoh. Back to Spain, Lora decides to export this business model and launch the first campsite on the coast ofRate (Cádiz) with only five tents. (I already told you about the idea of ​​comfortable campsites, also called «glamping,» en este post)

In actuality, the brand has 50 campsites all over Spain positioning themselves like this, as a national benchmark for accommodation in nature in Spain. With an eye on internationalization, the brand will launch an expansion strategy to Europe with Kampaoh campsites in France, Italy and Portugal. ¿Its objective? become the largest chain of accommodation without foundations in the world.

Ecologically conscious in form and substance.

With presence in 50 holiday campsites, the brand offers 3.000 designer tents with capacity for up to six people, made in an artisanal way in their facilities in Seville and in which they usewoods that have the main seals that guarantee their sustainable origin (FSC, PEFC o Rainforest Alliance) and other natural materials such as bamboo, the cotton, jute or rattan.

Respecting the environment is one of its main objectives, that is why the brand is committed to a model without foundations, which translates to, after the end of the holiday season, Kampaoh Campgroundsthey return to their original state looking for the least possible impact on the environments Where do you carry out your activity?.

In constant search to reduce the environmental impact, the brand works from its innovation department to introduce measures, among which are the reduction in the use of PVC in a 50% or the use of CLT wood as a structural element with low environmental impact and great energy efficiency.