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It is one of the drinks that most reminds us of joy and celebration, With these keys you can become a whole champagne expert.

Champagne is the first sparkling wine in the world with a story full of adventures that began in the year 300 d.C. with the Romans. A curious detail to start becoming an expert in champagne. In the Campo de Reims about 150km east of Paris the Kingdom of France is born and with it at the end of the 6th century the history of the name of Champagne.

Friends of Pernod Ricard and from the hand of Javier Martinez, Brand Ambassador de Champagne Mumm, we are going to discover some of the secrets of this iconic drink.  Positioned as the best-selling champagne in France and the third in the world, Champagne Mumm has always been true to its mottoonly the best desde 1827 and it was popularly baptized as the champagne of the French.

A champagne with which to celebrate any occasion and make the moment unforgettable. Undoubtedly, this sparkling appreciated in the whole world, It is the quintessential French symbol, especially in relation to the King and the Nobility.

champagne expert

I only drink champagne twice, when I'm in love and when I'm not.

Coco Chanel

The grapes for its elaboration are cultivated in limestone soil formed by marine sediments and in extreme temperatures with an annual average of about 11-12°C. This combination of soil, climate and man constitute what we know as the famousterroir the champagne. Son 7 the types of grapes, but the queens are three: grapesPinot Noir that gives structure and intensity, laChardonnay which provides finesse for its delicacy and the grapeMeunier sweet and fruity that allows the perfect dialogue between the previous two. These are some details that, as a champagne expert, you can use to surprise in any conversation.

Champagne is the perfect wild card, can go with almost everything for 3 main reasons:

  • The natural acidity that it possesses allows to refresh the palate, wipe our mouth.
  • The complexity it has, allowing you to defend yourself with virtually any plate, either meat or fish.
  • Champagne is a non-invasive wine, does not overlap any of his companions, it is a wine with a silky texture in the mouth not loaded with tannins.

¿How to become a connoisseur a champagne?

With these keys you can not only enjoy this drink much more, become a champagne expert, ¡and also surprise more than one with these curious details!

¿What is the ideal temperature? 

Temperature plays a crucial role, champagne is ideally drunk at a temperature between 8ºC y 10ºC, providing a flavor, perfect structure and aroma.

Too cold a temperature reduces fizz, alters aromas and even numbs taste buds. Por otro lado, too high a temperature creates excess foam, making corking difficult and masking its aromas.

¿what is the perfect cup? 

White wine glasses are a good optionn, as they are perfect for capturing the specific flavor of champagne. The ones that are tulip-shaped are also a good option. In addition to concentrating the flavors, they have enough space to allow full effervescence of the drink which is one of the key elements.

¿how to serve it?

The champagne protocol establishes that it must be served in two phases to enhance the carbonic and thus generate more sizzling bubbles. The trick is to pour an initial amount of champagne by slowly tilting the glass (flow along the wall will promote bubble formation), then pause to allow the foam to settle, and pour a second time to fill two thirds of the cup.

Ideally, fill the glass to 10cl, what could be about a quarter of the content. We try to serve it only half full, that way it stays cool and can be refilled more often.

¿how to uncork?

Uncorking the bottle is the secret to success and to show that you are a true champagne expert, it is recommended that it be done silently, after all it is the sign of true class is elegance and discretion. The first step is to gently flip the bottle upside down to create an absolutely uniform temperature.. Then, take the bottle with one hand always holding it by the body and not by the neck and remove the cover. Loosen the wire cage, release the cork and POP.

¿how to keep it?

Unless it's going to open in less than two or three days it is best to keep the bottle in a cool place and in low light. If you keep it in the fridge for weeks it is a problem because there is not much humidity in the fridge and the cork will dry out. As the cork dries, the seal of the bottle decreases and the Champagne will oxidize, what will change your scents. And never ever in the freezer.

¿What is the perfect pairing??

This drink does not have to be only for celebrations or designated days. It is not necessary to give him so much ceremony… ¡there is no reason to wait for a moment of celebration, you just have to open it and create that special occasion! Napoleon had the best words to define this drink: in victory you deserve it and in defeat you need it.

Little by little, the myth that champagne must be accompanied with elegant dishes when really the best way to pair champagne is how you like it because more than pairing, we should call it «Harmony between solid and liquid part».

Cover photo ofJelleke Vanooteghem onUnsplash / Photo the Champagne Mumm / Photo of half of the text byLuca Lago onUnsplash.