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Technician, noble and sporty, the L.U.C Engine One H is a true aesthetic hybrid between automobile mechanics and fine watchmaking. The finishes of its in-house movement with tourbillon are reminiscent of those of a motor. Due to its horizontal layout it resembles the dashboard of a racing car. Aesthetics, Functionality, performance, Chopard continues to deepen the close relationship that, for years, keeps up with the world of racing cars.

168560-3001 L.U.C Engine One H side white

The relationship between motoring and jewelery is one of enormous depth and variety, and Chopard has been a part of it for many years.. The L.U.C Engine One H is the renewed proof of the watchmaker's passionate relationship with the world of competition and its philosophy of combining the best benefits with pleasure. This watch is not equipped with a V10 bi-turbo mounted in an aluminum body, but with a manually wound caliber and a tourbillon regulator that « propulsan » to a titanium case. The function of the object is different, but the spirit and the pleasure remain alike.

The best of two mechanical expressions

Designed and produced by the Chopard Manufacture in Fleurier, the movement of this watch bears the reference L.U.C 04.02-L. The openings through its caliber refer to the perforated aesthetics of the air intakes of racing cars.. The cylinder heads of an engine have served as inspiration for the grooves engraved through the bridges on the side of the dial. Functionality obliges and the latter, in reality, are part of the plate of the same movement. It is visible from both sides of the machine thanks to two flat sapphire glass mirrors. The game between polished and satin surfaces, the displacement of the curves and the concavity of the surfaces show a study of the forms and a particularly advanced ergonomics.

The L.U.C Engine One H presents its data display in a perfectly legible way. Although the hours and minutes are located in the center, the power reserve is on the left, image of a fuel level gauge. small second hand, mounted on tourbillon, stands on the right, as if it were a rev counter. With its five rows of stitching, the belt, crocodile on both sides, both internal and external, reminiscent of the aesthetics of car seats from the years 60 y 70 and shows the care that Chopard puts into the smallest details of its finishes.

An automotive interpretation

The architecture of the L.U.C Engine One H can be interpreted as that of a car. it is equipped with an engine, (mechanical and not internal combustion), equipped with a single cylinder in longitudinal position (the tourbillon). It is covered by a slotted stock (their bridges) nickel silver and steel instead of cast aluminum. Your engine speed is stable at 480 revolutions per minute (es decir, 28.800 alt/h o 4 Hz). To optimize its performance, it rotates on its own axis. (the tourbillon). It is equipped with a transmission (the gear). your deposit (the keg) guarantees autonomy (power reserve) de 60 horas. The stopper of this deposit (the crown) it has been enlarged to facilitate its handling during refueling in the paddocks (wind up and set the time). Your performance (its precision) has been verified by an independent workshop (the Swiss Official Chronometer Control, o PREVENTION). The motor, (the caliber L.U.C 04.02-L) is mounted on shock absorbers (silentblocs), that protect it from blows. The titanium with which its body is made (box), gives it lightness, scratch resistance and biocompatibility.

with a twist of 90 degrees, the L.U.C Engine One H changes its face without changing the direction in which it advances. The result of a demanding aesthetic and mechanical initiative, It's more than an automotive metaphor. symbolizes, una vez más, the close relationship between Chopard and the world of motor racing and its watchmaking determination.