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Great parade signature Imitation, which it displayed everything needed for a wedding where guests were responsible for showing trends for next spring - summer 2012.

I love parades with some history, either through music, either through the concept or super well in the case of the firm Imitation, who decided to ride a bohemian wedding revelry on the catwalk of New York.

With an air very romantic -¿There may be more romantic than a wedding with touches Bohemians? – He has taught us their proposals for next spring summer 2012 hand beed attending a wedding, with flower petals and everything on the floor, that became the parade rather than a synthetic sample, a real statement of intent.



The idea is to show elegance but relaxed, almost family and friends and so see models holding each arm of his maromos smiling,  with faces of kindness and good vibes but with a touch of class. Very typical of a wedding means and as romantic as this level - that sonrisillas almost accidentally escape ...


Cool subtle touches of years 20 Some of his designs ... (This is a trend that has also been repeated in this edition of the NYFW)


Certainly it seems like a great staging that immeasurably strengthens the aesthetics and designs, because as I said in the post Creatures of the Wind, clothing and design is much more when you have life.