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Paris / Las Vegas collection presented in MFSHOW Woman Condesa travel leads to enjoy the contrast of two cities full of fun, light and lots of rock.

The first chords sound and some contemporary dancers begin to waddle to the rhythm of the music on the catwalk ... thanks to their dance they will end up forming a flamenco with their bodies that flanks the first exits of the parade. There is no better way to get hooked on a parade and broadcast at once that we have come here to enjoy!

As they explained from the mark, the Spring / Summer collection 201717 de La Condesa takes the name of two cities with a very particular light; Paris and las vegas. Carries away a powerful memory of opulent America in the late 60s, when a young Manuel Cuevas barricaded himself in Los Angeles - California – to bring his particular vision of Mexican culture to the very doors of Hollywood. Although it was Elvis Presley who did the most for the dissemination of the designer, making their jackets become authentic collector's items, today exhibited at the Met and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Las Vegas was the scene of all that creative overflow while on the other side of the map, Europe watched Paris stir in its streets and began one of the most important processes of cultural evolution of the second half of the 20th century.. Cities so perfectly opposite that they found the perfect coexistence in the particles of time and in which La Condesa finds her inspiration for this collection today.

A sexy Marie Antoinette from the sixties lost in the American desert in a shower of flowers wearing a feather boa and illuminated with neon lights. An exciting concept.

What fascinates me the most about The Countess is that she is capable of transferring you to a new imaginary but without leaving her hallmarks of identity: “Jackets, aristocracy and rock&roll”. De un ring de boxeo, a a village in the south of France, to a Las Vegas cabaret without messing up and bringing new desirable clothes. Its essentials are back, like transparent or metallic fabrics, the mixture of romantic elements with other more badass; floral prints, the long and flowing dresses, the clashes of color facing pastel hues and vibrant hues, the golden threads, the embroidery, the tiptoes, the frills…. But there is also room to add new details, like Swarovsky crystals – embedded in original designs that provide movement or the presence and design of lingerie. I love! A good jacket with nothing underneath but a lace bra should be a must!!

Here you can see the complete collection

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Throughout his collections he has known not only to mark his own style - and very recognizable. El dress code era: The Countess and we all knew perfectly what to wear even if I asked the details in Facebook - but has been able to turn its shows into a true social event that his followers await like May water. If we add to that the good work of their garments, we find in this one of the most solid brands on the national scene valued among experts in moda and people passionate about garments with personality.

Mis looks favoritos

La Condesa París Las Vegas (98) La Condesa París Las Vegas (22)

La Condesa París Las Vegas (146) La Condesa París Las Vegas (150)

Of course I could not miss among my favorites the departure of a boy who presented two looks with totally condesil DNA. And from this blog, and each of more people launched a request…. ¡Marina, more clothes for us that we also love!

Highlight also the good choice of music, styling and complements (soaring - and precious – shoes by Atezza and hats by Alicia Bleye). And of course the wonderful face and body makeup design work and hairdressing carried out by Paula Soroa. The models wore flowers, leaves and small rhinestones distributed over the body as "tattoos" which managed to give even more "madness" to the looks while maintaining the sensuality and romanticism.

La Condesa París Las Vegas (118) La Condesa París Las Vegas (105)

Washing machines that become a show ...

This edition, el desfile de La Condesa contaba con la marca de electrodomésticos AEG como patrocinadora – the company continues its commitment to the world of fashion and specifically to the care of garments, collaborating for the first time with MFSHOW Woman. EIt is a very complicated subject to mix the designs well with their sponsors so that they neither step on nor disappear in a struggle of forces and interest.

La Condesa París Las Vegas (202)

For this reason, what they did on this occasion seemed very intelligent and funny.. In addition to decorating the sides of the bottom of the walkway with illuminated washing machines; at the end of the parade there was a live performance - performed by Club Sincrónica – that took us to Las Vegas itself and in some parts of the performance the vedettes used the washing machines as a podium on which to dance. A coup to show that nothing is impossible to square when there is creativity.

In this bet on fashion, AEG will shortly launch in Spain a washing range that they claim will be the maximum revolution in terms of technology in favor of garment care, so that they survive in our closets longer. There is nothing that angers us more than spoiling our clothes when washing them!! ¿verdad?. They already have a date for their presentation: 29 September at the Sala Shoko in Madrid.

In the video that I put here you can see the moment from the minute 16:15, but I recommend that you do not miss it in its entirety because each and every one of the outputs of the collection were great.

Por último Raquel del blog Romantic & Chic and I couldn't stop posing in the brand's space with jackets or accessories from the designer. We had a great time!