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Se llama Margalida Mayol, a signature without fear of difference, able to get naughty things, unique and exclusive, but you'll get to go to the street.

As they tells me, This is one of the few designers in Mallorca In addition to designing concoct in his own workshop. It is a small workshop "installed at home (Alaró a town about 20km from Palma) and we are a team 3 personas”. All clothing is handmade and not confined only to womenswear, There are also great ideas for men, children / as, shows, home, “and what comes out"As apostilla.

As for trends she says  “I'm not much given to notice the work of others, y  I bore me all that glamorous and superficial roll fashions imposed by large firms. anarchical, puede, but satisfied with my work”.

You can learn more about this nice firm through its web. “Cyberspace opens a huge door communication, for example they have messaged would not have been possible without twitter. So we created the online store, to have a greater reach and that people who do not live in Mallorca to know me and my work”.

It ends with a great proposal, to me a completely,the clothes are made to be worn, That's where it should be, on the street”. Do not miss their shirts with ties and great fringed dresses for girls! I've fallen in love with these pants, que si tuviera menos kilos y más pasta me pondría encantado!